Noise HushOver the years we have tested a few speakerphones to be used as hands-free car kits, like those from Jabra and others.

You think that they are all pretty much the same until you get your hands on this little beauty from NoiseHush. There are a lot of reasons why this one has become the speaker phone of choice for me.

Let me tell you why.

The most obvious design feature is the solar panel on its back. This is pretty ideal because more often than not, your car is parked in the full sun and being able to top up the charge while you are parked is quite handy. More on this later.
The unit itself is not much larger than a mobile phone and has a small display so that you can straightaway see that it is connected to your mobile phone as well as the numbers that you dial. You also get a battery indication. Plus the LCD is adjustable for optimal viewing which is important if you use the provided suction cups on the plastic holder in which the unit can be cradled. The idea is that you find a place on your windscreen to accommodate this assembly. However, this is the weakest link as these small suction cups very quickly lose their grip and everything comes falling down…. For me the best solution is to use a mobile phone holder with a much stronger suction cup. And if you need to charge the unit, just take it out, turn it over so that the solar back is exposed and Bob is your uncle!

Very useful is also the feature that you can import your phonebook to the N650. Make yourself a cup of coffee when you do so because it can take up to 15 min to transfer all the records. It is very easy to pair with the phone and, compared to the Jabra we last reviewed, which had an incredibly long handshake, this one straightaway connects.

NoiseHush N650 Solar Speakerphone

The most important feature is the sound quality. The N650 has DSP Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression systems and the sound quality is really the best we’ve heard in any speakerphone! We’ve tested it in a quiet office as well as a noisy work environment and of course also in the car. People I called also reported a good quality of the call. The bright blue LCD caller ID display is also handy to find some of your more regular callers to redial them. There are a host of functions available such as reject calls, call waiting function, voice dial, and redial.

The NoiseHush N650 Solar Speakerphone is a pretty simple device to operate which is a key thing when you’re driving. It does what it is advertised do very well and we think the build and sound quality, the adjustable display, and a host of other features, deserves a rating of 8 out of 10. Highly recommended.

For more info and to order one, go to the folks at WirelessGround. They have them on special now for just a smidgen under 60 bucks! And it includes free shipping…

NoiseHush N650

•    Unlimited Talk Time
•    Optimized Sound Quality with DSP
•    Adjustable LCD Screen
•    ECO-Friendly
•    No Tools Required
•    Easy Install
•    Includes USB & Car Charger
•    Charged & Ready to Go

Special Features:
•    Answer, end and reject a call
•    Redial last number
•    Voice dial
•    Volume control
•    Call transfer between your mobile phone and the car kit
•    Microphone mute
•    LCD showing caller ID
•    Caller ID memory
•    Built-in phone book
•    Charging by solar power
•    Full duplex DSP; echo cancellation and noise reduction
•    Call waiting

•    Talk Time: Up to 10 Hours
•    Standby Time: Up to 160 Hours
•    Charging Time: About 2 Hours
•    Bluetooth Version: v2.1
•    Bluetooth Profile: HSP & HFP
•    Solar Panel: 5.5V === 50mA
•    Working Temperature: -10~60C
•    Storage Temperature: -20~70C
•    Dimensions(mm): 106(L) x 54(W) x 15(T)
•    Weight: Main Body-65g Windshield-14g
•    Operating Distance: Up to 30 feet (10 meters)
•    Battery: 100 mAH Li-polymer

Inside the Box:
•    Solar Bluetooth Car kit
•    Transparent plastic casing
•    Vehicle charger
•    Suction cups
•    User manual

NoiseHush N650