Universal Case 1

We love our svelte and slim tablets, don’t we? The thinner they are the more buyer appeal, but let’s get real: the first thing you need is a good case. Yes, it may ruin its aesthetics unless you buy a great case.

In our hunt for a real nice case that would suit the 2014 edition of the new Samsung 10.1 inch Note tablet, MobileZap came to the rescue again.

First up, we will take a look at the Kit Universal Bluetooth Keyboard Case.




As the name implies it is a universal case that would suit most 9 to 10 inch tablets. As you can see on the photos this case is quite a bit larger than it needs to be for a 10 inch tablet but that’s not a bad thing as that provides some extra protection.
Getting your tablet quickly in and out of the case is easy enough with the elastic clips.

It’s a good looking leather style case which also looks quite professional. And it is business users that will probably most benefit from the Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard which is the star attraction of this case. The keyboard is magnetically attached and can easily be taken out of the case. Handy for when you want to prop up the tablet in front of you and have the keyboard closer to your body.
The keyboard works well and will suit Windows, Android and iPad users. It is truly universal in that aspect too.

It gets about 90 hours use on a single charge via the microUSB port on the keyboard’s side. It takes roughly 3 hours to charge up the Li-Po battery.

 Universal Case 2

Back to the case itself.
The stitching is okay but after several weeks there was a bit of loose stitching near the flap that closes the case. Not a big deal but what we would have liked is a charging hole in the leather case for when it is closed. As it is you can only charge it when the case is open. That’s not very secure or handy.

For instance, I like to charge it up in my briefcase from an external battery whilst travelling. I don’t want to have the case open for that. I’ll see if I can do some damage with a hole punch which might give me a round hole and not a rectangular one which would be preferable….
The same applies to having a camera hole but I can understand with the diversity of tablets that this case caters for that this is an impossibility. And actually, that might apply to my charging port as well.

Universal Case 3
Please note that you can not rotate and prop up the tablet to portrait mode for reading.
Again, this is common to most cases.

 Universal Case 4

This case is a great universal solution for many tablets. The keyboard functionality is excellent, it looks great and for the price of just $45.99 it is also good value.

Here’s the all-important direct link: http://www.mobilezap.com.au/34470/electronics/samsung-galaxy-note-101-2014/cases.htm

Perfect? Not quite but close. So the “case is not closed yet” and the hunt for perfection continues.

See the next instalment when we review the Noreve real leather case that is tailor-made for the Samsung 10.1 Note.
The verdict is still out!

Universal Case 5