Mini Super ClubThis is the third of seven remote controlled electric planes that we intend to review in separate detailed reviews on this site.  The others being: the Apprentice 15e (completed), Hobbyzone Champ (completed), Super Cub LP, Trojan T28, Cessna 182 and the new Cessna Classic 500.

Find me a replacement aeroplane for this model as we have just been advised by manufacturers that this RC plane has now been discontinued.  Oddly enough, we don’t see that Hobbyzone have anything to replace it with.  Perhaps they are of the opinion that the larger Super Cub LP can do what the little brother did??  Nevertheless, we will still review the Mini Super Cub as we see it currently filling a gap in the market place which will need to be substituted by something equally as capable.

What is the substitute planes name?

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A footbal/soccer oval

We don’t know yet!
We need your help. 
We want a plane that can be flown around half a football or soccer field by a beginner/intermediate flyer.

If you are a manufacturer or simply know of such an electric plane that will fit the bill, we would like to know so we can acquire one to see how it performs (use comments at the end of this review). If you read on you will find out why we found the now obsolete Mini Super Cub a reasonable contender, how it went and the attributes we think are needed in a new plane for suitability.

Wingspan: 31.75 in (806 mm)
Overall Length: 21.5 in (546 mm)
Flying Weight: 7 oz (200 g)
Motor Size: 180 power
Radio: Proportional 3-channel FM with ACT
Prop Size: 7 x 3.5
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Charger: 12V DC 2-cell Li-Po balancing charger with AC adapter
Approximate Assembly Time: 5 minutes
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Recommended Battery: 2-cell 7.4V 300mAh Li-Po
Experience Level: No Experience Necessary
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Landing Gear: Yes
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Pitch: Yes
Steering: Yes
Transmitter Range: 1300 ft (400 m)
Trim Scheme Colours: white with red and black trim
Anti-Crash Technology: Yes
X-Port: No
Approximate Flying Duration: 5-8 minutes
Available Frequencies: 6 frequencies on 27MHz
CG (centre of gravity): 1-3/8 in behind the leading edge of the wing (35-37mm)

Not off yet (1 metre marks)

First Flight
Using our “u-beaut” Wm 200 Anemometer, we established the wind was at 6km/hr and from the West.  Using ribbons stretched at 1 metre intervals to gauge how quick a take off was achieved, George established that it left the ground at approx 4.0 metres on asphalt and 4.5 metres on grass less than 32mm high.

It did take some time to get alignments sorted out as the plane would not run straight and true upon take off, but would in flight.

Super mini cub in flight

On a subsequent flight I found as a beginner, that the Mini Super Cub performed well and did not get blown around too much with the wind at less than 4km per hour, allowing me to fly it around half of  the football oval only some 15-30m off the ground in an unhurried manner.  Length of flight time was fine at more than eight minutes and varied according to flying speeds etc. I started to have control difficulty with the wind at 7 km per hour.

Request for some Contenders
With a number of takeoffs and landings to feed us knowledge, we are of the opinion that a replacement electric plane to be suited to this size area for an operator of beginner/intermediate experience would be closely aligned to the following (we have also put in some attributes that we would like that the Cub may or may not have had).
•    Similar in material and weight and a wingspan >806mm
•    Need slight improvement in quality
•    Ailerons 4 channel or 3 channel left stick rudder
•    Mode 1, Mode 2 switchable
•    2.4 Ghz
•    Lipo battery
•    Brushless motor
•    More power
•    Capable of grassed landings (grass at <32mm) and take off in <6mtrs
•    Capable of beginner/intermediate flying in up to 9 km/h winds.
•    Capable of tandem Tx or BNF of high qual Tx’s
•    Capable of being flown around half an oval by a beginner/intermediate at a leisurely pace

It could be that one the aeroplanes already promised to us by may surprise us and fill  the major objective (being capable of flying around half an oval by a beginner/intermediate at a leisurely pace), until then,

Happy hunting!