Have you ever wondered what’s behind UFOs?  Or about such sightings as Bigfoot or Yetis?

Does Area 51 pique your interest?


The other week a most unusual book landed on my desk called The Nephilim Imperatives, by Terry James.

This book purports to give a reason behind these sightings and it comes from a perspective that you may not have expected.


It gives credence to the existence of UFO phenomena and is an interesting read.


The title is not an easy one: The Nephilim Imperatives subtitled Dark Sentences, uses two words that are not readily a giveaway of what the book is all about.

Imperative is hard to define. The Oxford dictionary indicates things as "expressing command, commanding, urgent, obligatory".

The word "Nephilim" is not even in the dictionary.  However, it is a term that is used in the Bible in a very intriguing passage.

Not surprisingly, well-known author Terry James takes a rather uncommon view of some of these phenomena which not everyone will agree with but which does harmonise a lot of the unexplained and weird things that are happening around us.

The cover of this book is a bit disturbing: it features an open-mouthed monster and may not be the most inviting cover to entice you to read this book.

The theme of the book is about the ancient struggle between good and evil, played out in our times.

In fact, the book is set in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks on America and, whilst fictional, has enough believable facts woven through the story to make it all very credible.

Factual fiction, as I call it, allows you to easily identify with the goings-on.

There are a few factoids that may not have been all that well researched though.  On page 35 for instance it describes a 35,000-year-old obelisk.  Methinks that is just a typo and 3500 would be closer to the mark.

On the whole, Terry has done his research well.  There is a fair bit of reference to aircraft and flying which is spot on from my perspective as a commercial pilot.  I suppose the Criterion X would have been modelled after the Citation X…


The first chapter of the book introduces us to a spot of a spiritual warfare played out on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem before the bewildered eyes of an Arab guard with a Jewish sounding surname of Shabatt.

The next few chapters introduce so many characters that I find myself frequently consulting the list of characters in the front, which is a handy feature.

I won’t reveal the plot or much of the storyline as that would take away from all the intriguing aspects that the book is covering.  Let me just say that its 400 pages will never bore you and can easily be read in about 10 hours.

And if you’re a dog lover you’ll be pleased to know that the real hero in this tantalising tale is a canine… a friendly and at times fearsome Rottweiler no less.


What the Nephilim are all about becomes disturbingly clear in the final chapters.

And what about these UFOs?  Do they exist?  What is their purpose?

The news media were abuzz again last week with the very reliable sightings in a Texas town where dozens of people saw a huge UFO.

There are too many of these reports from pilots, law-enforcement officers and a lot of folk with just plain commonsense to ignore the issue.

But what’s behind it all?  Aliens or demonic deceivers?

Like I said before, a lot of people will take issue with the perspective Terry James takes to explain all these phenomena but it makes you think.

If that is the outcome I would surmise that James will be happy with the result.

I can highly recommend The Nephilim Imperatives if you are interested to find out about these things or if you just want to have a good read.  The book is published by Anomalos Publishing and available for $14.99.


For more books from Terry James you can go to his Web site RaptureReady.com.