Trinvo Talking Translator - 12 Languages, 750 Phrases, 2500 Word Dictionary, Currency Converter.jpg

The little unit I just received from is just the shot if you are visiting a foreign country and don’t know the native language well.  I threw some batteries in and ran it through its numerous functions.  You can see some of the translator’s capabilities within the product description and I can report that what it does, it does well.  For its size, the Trinvo translator is pleasantly surprising.



It will easily fit in a shirt pocket or handbag as it’s only about 1.5 cm thick, 6 cm wide and 11cm long.  The translator function is extremely easy to use.  Select your home language and select your target language.  You have a button to make it speak and display in home tongue and a separate button to instruct it to speak and display the foreign language.  There is no delay whatsoever in changing from home language to target language with both tone and quality being very good.  So coupled with a variable volume control, it is very easy to hear and understand.



Navigation is simple once you have done it once or twice, but it’s not made any easier by the tiny font of the instruction booklet.  However, the operation is so simple that you only need to refer to the instructions a few times.

There are 750 preset phrases which you can add to, change, and save at will and then keep them on hand where you can take a short cut to get them displayed and spoken extremely quickly.

In my opinion the speakers in this little unit must be comparatively high quality as most speech from small items such as these results in a fairly scratchy and tinny sound.  This little machine, however, spoke clearly which resulted in the dialogue being easily understood by all parties.

The Trinvo even includes games.  So when you consider that most times you go away you need a calculator as well, it starts to dawn on you that you could keep the kids quiet with the games, use the currency converter for shopping and let the husband use the world time to know what time footy is on back home.

For its size and cost, the Trinvo becomes a worthwhile little present to have for travellers.