Logi Mouse 1
About 10 years ago we reviewed the Logitech MX Revolution. Because it was the very best then I have been using it for the past decade but when Logitech offered us to review their latest and greatest I knew it was time to say goodbye to a very reliable mouse mate…

What’s so good about the new MX Master 2S?

Let me count the ways:

First up: it’s the most tricked out pony in the world of mice. That’s an oxymoron, of course, but you get the drift: lots of buttons, wheels, clickable and scrollable things.

It’s got features galore and is fully customisable through the Logi Options program.

Love that speed adaptive scroll wheel that can easily flick into flywheel freespin mode. They trademarked it as SmartShift ™.

It’s a big mouse, yet very comfortable. Even my wife with her dainty hands found the 2S comfy.

It’s got an amazing battery life: 70 days easy. Rechargeable via a USB cable so no more cradle needed. Yeah! (the old Revolution needed to be juiced up every few weeks and the connection was often a bit tenuous). The 3 tiny LEDs give you plenty of warning but if you’re caught short, a 3 minute charge will last you the whole day.

Works on every surface, including glass and human flesh.

Huh? OK, I tried it on my upper legs while sitting in a comfy chair. It uses black magic or something like that. They actually call it Darkfield Invisible Laser technology. And the DPI is a whopping 4000, so high it’s almost illegal…

Logi Mouse 3

Connects to Bluetooth or via the miniature “Unifying” USB adapter or BOTH!

Here’s the kicker: it can connect to up to THREE computers! They have to be on the same network though.

AND you can rather easily move the cursor across from one computer screen to another and copy and paste stuff across. They call it Logi FLOW. It’s the best for work flow indeed.

Bonus: it looks so good it owns the desk with its sculpted contours and slightly rubbery multi-faceted grip.

Logi Mouse 4

Right. Sold yet?

Let me tell you some room for improvement still exists.

Being a beautiful ergonomic mouse means it’s not for everyone. Particularly the nearly 1 billion left-handers in the world.

Some of the buttons are not as easy to use. The two triangular ones behind the side-scrolling thumb wheel are too close together and a bit on the small side for my thumb.

The Gesture button (where your thumb would normally rest on) needs a sideways press of the thumb. Not very intuitive.

Logi Mouse 2


The mouse is still being reinvented every year. It’s the oldest computer accessory and Logitech have been the dominant force in that 30 year history.

The death of this critter has been predicted by cat-loving pundits for many years but sales of mice and keyboards are at an all-time high and touch and voice only further complement our interaction with technology.

When you take hold of the Logi MX Master 2S Mouse (just shy of 150 Aussie bucks officially but quite affordable online around 110-120) you know that it’s gonna be your companion for at least another decade.

So it’ll cost ye about 3 cents a day to own..

Well done, Logi!