XForce VMK10-250 Varex MufflerIs this the answer to keeping the neighbours and wife happy? A variable muffler system that is controlled from the driver’s seat? And will it be enough to calm the Beast?

Well the big package arrived and we find inside not one, but two VMK10-250 Varex mufflers courtesy of  www.xforce.com.au.  Read on for first impressions and information on installation.

First Impressions

I must admit that when I opened the box I was very impressed with the way the mufflers were individually factory packed, not just thrown in a box with something to stop them moving around.  Varex have used excellently moulded foam to ensure the parts didn’t contact each other and scratch or damage the shiny exterior.

2 x VMK10-250 mufflers

Seldom have I seen such a professional job on a muffler.  All welding is even and make no mistake about it, the stainless outer skin material gauge is so thick that I can’t see them ever wearing out or rattling apart.  The electrics and operating mechanism is simple and well shielded from damage, and being located on top of the muffler it’s very unlikely to ever get damaged unless you totaled your car.  You can see that the quality of the stainless used in construction is high and well polished and it really seems quite wrong to put these under a car and not in it.  If you own a showpiece vehicle where you have the underneath of the car to perfection i.e. finished on a rotisserie then these mufflers would still not be out of place as the entire overall quality control of this product is high.

Clamps.JPGEven the mounting bracket is well constructed and there is no way these mufflers will move around after being attached via these shiny thick stainless bands. Wiring is professional in its appearance and all vulnerable sections are heat protected.  The wiring harness has easy snap together one way electrical connectors so you can’t wire it incorrectly.  In fact, to trial all of the working parts before I put them on the car took me about 4 minutes connection time and then I was able to instantly operate the whole show by remote control from the driver’s seat.

The variable activation test performed flawlessly as I was able to check movement of the butterfly visually whilst testing performance against each remote button press.  Obviously it’s going to take more time than that get them permanently installed in the car as you will need to get your local exhaust centre to remove your old mufflers and replace them with these, but to fit these into your system should take no longer than replacing the standard mufflers in any case.  Add a few minutes for wiring and you’re done.

AC Cobra.JPGMy Cobra however is a different story as I have minimal room to fit these, even though I sorted through their list of differing sizes and went for the smallest size mufflers Varex produce my Cobra has an absolute minimum of spare space anyway, so it could be some time before I can totally finish the project. So if you want to hang around for my comments on the sound test you will have to wait.  But hey, you can dial whatever sound you want anyway from your driver’s seat, so the last test seems as though it’s only a subjective one in any case.

As you all live in different countries you may have to check, if you’re so inclined, as to whether the local constabulary feel it’s legal to be able to change the exhaust note from quiet to loud at will.