Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software (v 3.0)Ever accidentally deleted a file? Or crashed your computer?

Lost data and just resigned yourself to the fact your data is gone…. then Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery program is for you.

With a list of features all for under $100 this software rivals the higher priced data recovery software and is amazingly powerful.  I put this software through some rather tough testing, as I’ve seen many recovery software programs all stating they can achieve miracles but failing to measure up, so I wanted to make sure this product delivers what it says, and I was more than surprised, I must say.  Everything I threw at this little tool still made it work seamlessly.

Covering most of the Windows hard drive formats FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 means recovery from Windows systems as early as Windows 95 through to Vista are possible. In my testing I formatted a drive, loaded Windows, upgraded to newer versions, formatted up to a newer format and was still able to recover data from an earlier format, which is simply amazing.  Supports zip drives, removable drives, Hard Drives, floppy drives and the list goes on…

If you can use Windows Explorer File system then you can use this tool. There is also a Wizard to make things easier and we even get to recover data from compressed and raw files along with a preview feature that lets you decide if the file is what you are seeking, so its fool-proof recovery.

Another plus for the Stellar group and this definitive little recovery tool is the support they offer, free technical support which is 24×5 (24 hrs. from Monday to Friday). There is Live Chat service available and phone support so what more could you want? Well, it also comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software (v 3.0) Conclusion

Great piece of software for the Computer Technician, or Network Administrator but even if you purchase this software for personal use, or for business use, you can’t go wrong, Never lose data again!

For price, support, abilities and value for money I would rate this software 9/10