The Kingston HyperX drive is a very fast USB drive with the premium HyperX name. 

It is a rugged USB drive that has a unique look with the performance to match its style.


Today we will be looking at a flash memory drive that is a bit different than your typical USB flash drive.  This drive comes from the well known memory manufacturer Kingston, so you can expect a solid quality product.  Combined with a unique design and the HyperX brand name and this becomes a flash drive that you just can’t overlook.


The flash drive is not your typical plastic USB flash drive.  Some effort was put into the design to make it have a rugged feel, yet is perfect for everyday use.  The majority of the flash drive is covered in rubber with a flare of blue aluminum covering the top on both sides.


The rubber on the drive really gives the flash drive a good grip.  Along the side, you can feel the edges of the drive giving the  drive a comfortable, yet solid feel.

In order to reveal the USB connector, you just slide the plastic button on the side.  Even when you are not looking a the drive, you can easily feel where the button is and slide the USB connector out.  The size of the drive is a bit larger than the typical USB flash drive.  On several occasions, people said that the size of the drive was a bit large when they first saw it.  This was just a relative observation compared with other flash drives on the market.  But since this drive is a bit larger, it kind of feels more significant in your pocket.


Since this drive is slightly thick, it is possible that this flash drive might obstruct the connector of a closeby USB port.  If you want to use a USB port next to it, you might have to squeeze it in or another device may not fit at all. When the drive is in use, there is a blue LED at the top of the drive which blinks.




Many people might wonder, what does the label ‘HyperX’ mean on the drive.  ‘HyperX’ is the name used in Kingston’s desktop computer memory which pretty much indicates that this memory is fast. Kingston brought the same technology and the name to their USB flash drive to indicate that this drive screams performance. 

I used a hard drive performance benchmarking software in order to test the read speed of the drive.  This drive performed consistently at 33 Megabytes per second which is incredibly fast. There really is nothing to complain about the performance.


I really couldn’t find anything wrong with this drive.  This drive is fast and simply works well for everyday use.  This drive does look more unique compared with most USB drives so this drive is a great choice if you are looking for something beyond that ‘ordinary’ look.  This drive performs very fast and will save you time if you transfer large files often.  You can currently find this drive online for about $80-90 and is backed with a 5 year warranty.