Adata N702Another Adata USB flash drive has arrived on my desk and like the others, the N702 is compact, stylish and innovative. With a nifty twist retraction mechanism and elegant metal casing, the N702 does its best to stand out from the crowd.

Read on for our take.


Firstly, unboxing the N702 is a better than average USB flash drive unboxing experience. The USB drive, manual and “decoration kit,” read: rubber keyring/lanyard loops. The packaging is so good that you’d be forgiven for thinking it was designed by some fruity company in California.

At 41.85 x 16.2 x 8.15mm, the drive isn’t large but generally not as small as the other Adata USB Flash drives we have taken a look at in the past.

The drive is made up of two parts, a black plastic twist top (rear) and an uneven metallic body. The metal feels smooth yet uneven to the touch because of its inherent symmetrical triangular pattern. Twisting the black top 180 degrees reveals a standard size USB port. The mechanism is as clever as it is neat and its uniqueness will likely confuse friends the first time they take hold of the drive.

Adata N702For attachment to a keyring or lanyard, the N702 comes with two rubber loops – as mentioned earlier; strangely described as a “decoration kit” on the box. These attach to the drive securely via a clever metal slider system.

In our testing, our 2GB N702 demonstrated an average read speed of just under 1300KB/s and write speeds of 7500KB/s.

The overall build quality and design is excellent with smooth edges and tight seals throughout. It is also good to see yet another Adata drive that does not feature prominent x GB markings all over it – In fact, the only writing on the entire device – the numbers on the USB port itself withstanding – is a tidy Adata logo on its side.

Overall, the N702 Nobility is a good little USB and at $16US for a 2GB capacity, a stylish alternative to generic USB Flash drives.

For more information on this and other Adata USB Flash drives, visit Adata’s website.