StayGo USB-C Hub & AirFly Pro

Twelve South once again have upped the ante to provide the best MacBook and iPad peripherals on the market. Stylish and sleek yet functional and affordable, these essential dongles improve your productivity and connectability, yet do so unobtrusively.

There’s nothing clunky about these workhorses; they’ve got all the style and class we’ve come to expect from Twelve South. Affordable and discreet, the StayGo USB-C Hub and AirFly Pro will become welcome additions to your everyday work and play.


On the first day of Christmas Twelve South gave to me…
A StayGo USB-C Hub!

It is with open arms (and relief!) that I welcome the desktop-friendly StayGo USB-C Hub into my life.

My desk was a mess and I had multiple device cords going everywhere. The dongle I was using had a super short cord and couldn’t handle all the things I wanted to connect …tempers were getting frayed.

The StayGo USB-C Hub has now enabled me to reach the nirvana of dongles, an aesthetically pleasing bliss I thought unattainable. Courtesy of the 1m long cord, everything is secured away behind my Macbook, my peripherals are all connected and I am at one with the world.  Om.

So why StayGo USB-C Hub?

Solid but light, the StayGo USB-C Hub keeps your peripherals out of sight, out of mind but connected.

TwelveSouth spruiks the nine ports, portability and functionality of the StayGo USB-C Hub. The StayGo USB-C Hub hands you back the capacity to connect all and sundry without fear of clutter or running out of power options.

Working from home or out and about, the StayGo USB-C Hub is true to its name. The StayGo USB-C Hub keeps you organised and lets you get on with the job.  Add to this the ability to connect eight devices and stream though USB-C pass through power and you simply can’t go wrong.




There’s two power cords – a 1m everyday cord and a 6″ travel cord tucked away inside, giving your device portability. Yet another excellent design decision by TwelveSouth.  And the travel cord won’t fall out – it’s nice and secure and not going anywhere unless you gently move the little lever on the side to pop it out.

iPad Pro Benefits

This is the perfect addition for those of you on the move and who want to offload photos or documents to a connected drive. The ethernet port ensures your networking capabilities are on par with your productivity. SD cards, micro SD or hard drives –  literally the only limit to the StayGo USB-C Hub is your imagination. Small enough to fit into any work bag, everyone from uni students to field based professionals will appreciate the light but sturdy StayGo USB-C Hub.


TwelveSouth have provided a very comprehensive list of specs. I’ve trialled every port and can confirm the StayGo USB-C Hub does what it says.


This is a BUY from me.  The StayGo USB-C Hub is functional, sleek and makes your work environment much tidier and efficient.

My Macbook thanked me for making it look stylish again and the desk finally has a bit of room on it with no cord clutter.  The cat … slightly disgruntled at the lack of cords to chew but meh.

StayGo USB-C Hub retails at $199.00 however have a closer look because there’s quite a few price variations online.  This is one Christmas present your Macbook loving recipient will appreciate for a long time to come.


And on the second day of Christmas Twelve South gave to me….

An Air Fly Pro!

The AirFly Pro is the missing link between your headphones and wired headphone jacks.  A small transmitter which allows your non-Bluetooth devices to become wireless, you can listen to tv’s at the gym whilst working out. And there’s no need to wear dodgy airline headphones anymore. Bring your own wireless headset, connect it to the AirFly Pro and you’re in business.

And listening to the same soundtrack, game, podcast or music is a breeze as the AirFly Pro enables two people to listen simultaneously.


Smart Tv Problem Fixed

The AirFly Pro has helped me overcome a frustrating tech issue.

I pride myself on being pretty cluey with most technology, so you can understand my frustration with a certain brand of television (rhymes with Pony) and its inability to link to any damn audio device other than same brand.

Frustration be gone! I hooked up the AirFly Pro and voila, synced my headphones to the television for the first time ever.  It’s a Christmas miracle!


A 16 hour+ battery strength is not to be sneezed at and I honestly am yet to charge my AirFly Pro.

The fact the AirFly Pro becomes an AUX IN adapter will be a very affordable option for those looking for connectivity in their car, boat or non-Bluetooth speaker.


For obvious reasons, I was unable to trial the very practical AirFly Pro on a plane. But I can honestly say I’ll definitely be taking it with me next time I venture aboard any flight.  I normally use a corded Bose headset with an adapter plug but now I can use any variety of wireless headset or iPod/earpod with confidence.

Wireless Headphone Splitter

The Air Fly Pro would also be a wonderful addition for those long car rides where adults want to share an audio book. Or children want to listen to the same songs over and over and over and over again. So don’t forget to grab your headphones/ipods and spare the sanity of everyone else.


Gamers, particularly Nintendo Switch users, will be able to listen to audio with their wireless headphones.  But be aware the AirFly Pro does not have a microphone as yet. Watch this space as one is in development.


AirFly Pro v Other Versions

There’s a few versions of the Twelve South Air Fly out there. I’ve included the comparison chart below so you can check what works better for you.


As you can see, the AirFly Pro works across multiple headphones as per the below list:

Polite Packaging

I’d personally like to thank Twelve South for their packaging. They actually think it through, providing a hint here and a ‘thank you’ there to point you, the consumer, in the right direction of where to find your product’s accessories.  And that wins big brownie points with me.


The AirFly Pro works and works well. Bottom line, if your device has a headphone jack, the AirFly Pro allows you to turn it into a Bluetooth device and stream away.  Rental cars, ride shares, or even boats, planes, trains or automobiles. It’s time to get out the old classic Ipods, your turntables or any other item you have gathering dust; a new lease on life is here.

I thoroughly recommend the AirFly Pro to anyone who needs simple connectivity to create a wonderful audio experience with unlimited application. Available at all the tech stores online and inshore, the AirFly Pro retails for $89.95 but shop around. There’s bargains to be had especially at this time of the year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you to TwelveSouth for entrusting me with your products.