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Ruvo Avox A65U1 UMPC - The Unboxing Review

PC HardwareWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: Ruvo Avox A65U1 UMPC - The Unboxing Review

The vibrant world of UMPCs has many players, most of them well-known brands, others less so, but probably deserving our attention just the same.  In this category you will find the Ruvo Avox, a handsome slider UMPC.  Think of it as a Nokia N95 on steroids, but then a lot bigger!  The Avox, whilst practically unknown, has a more familiar incarnation as the Gigabyte U60.  Are they exactly the same? 

We got ourselves the first Avox in Australia, courtesy of Tegatech, the UMPC distributor par excellence down under.  They are excited about that little critter and I am beginning to see why! 

Please follow me on this unboxing and our subsequent in-depth reviews of the Ruvo Avox.

First off, the Avox is billed as the smallest full-featured PC.  In this fluid world of sub-notebooks and UMPCs that claim is probably correct but bragging rights are never long-lived and it is better to judge a device, particularly when it is this small, by its usability.  So that will be the main focus of this and the following reviews. 

Today we will be looking at the Avox from the unboxing perspective and go into the hardware details. 

A next review will highlight the software and performance aspects to be followed by a write-up of all the various accessories that can be bought separately.

Jabra Enterprise Multiuse Bluetooth Headset and Hub Bundle --Reviewed

AccessoriesWritten by Kevin Cheng on .

Read more: Jabra Enterprise Multiuse Bluetooth Headset and Hub Bundle --ReviewedThe “multiuse” Jabra BT5020 headset and A7010 hub bundle are Bluetooth devices which can be used with multiple communication devices, allowing office professionals and "road warriors" to use a single headset with their mobile, desk phone and PC.  Thanks to Jabra, DigitalReviews got their hands on the BT5020 and A7010 bundle for evaluation.

As a regular road-warrior with stints in the office, I was keen to test out the Jabra bundle. 


Brando MC Wireless RF Keyboard - Reviewed

AccessoriesWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Brando MC Wireless RF Keyboard - ReviewedAs computers have made the transition from the computer room to the living room and beyond, so to have their peripherals and input devices. Nobody wants to have a wired keyboard lying around the living room, nor do they want a large wireless one that takes up the entire coffee table.


Brando's MC Wireless RF Keyboard looks to provide a small all-in-one solution - Keyboard, media keys and built in track ball.


Read on for more..

Olympus EVOLT E-510 Training Video Review

Digital CamerasWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: Olympus EVOLT E-510 Training Video ReviewOne of my cameras is the Olympus E-510, in some countries also known as the EVOLT E-510. It's a very capable DSLR with some unique features. We have written about one of its predecessors, the E-300 more than two years ago and I've always been enamoured by the LiveView feature which was quite revolutionary in those days.  Normally I am quite happy to read the manual but this time around I also watched a couple of training DVDs from

Was it worth the $50 that they cost?

Hyperdrive Colorspace - Backup On The Go Reviewed

AccessoriesWritten by Kevin Cheng on .

Read more: Hyperdrive Colorspace - Backup On The Go ReviewedHyperdrives are in my mind synonymous with Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon.  The Hyperdrive Colorspace is not going to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, but it is claimed to be the fastest device for memory card backups on the move.  Thanks to the folks at Hyperdrive, DigitalReviews gets the opportunity to strap in and take it for a spin. 


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