Our Purpose

Digital Reviews Network has a simple goal: We aim to provide you in-depth, real-world experiences of the products we review. We want to find that right balance of technical detail and layman user experience in providing a fair and balanced review.

TL;DR: We won’t review it unless we’ve lived with it.

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Our History

We were not always the Digital Reviews Network. Martin Regtien and his son Arjan started this journey way back in 2002 as a boutique site named PocketPCReview, exploring the evolving mobile technology landscape. This was later rebranded to Digital Reviews Network, something less of a pigeonhole. In retrospect, this was a smart move considering the death of Pocket PCs (anyone still have a Palm Pilot?) in the following years as Apple revolutionised handheld technology.

As a site, we have continued to evolve. Following our inception, the renaming is when we entered our tweenage years. The launch of our new look and website refresh is our transition into adulthood, and we’re looking forward to expanding our horizons with our new team of editors.

The Team

The Boss

Kevin Cheng - Team Page

Kevin Cheng


A juxtaposition of East and West. Avid devourer of information, whisky and other delicious brews. Fount of mostly useless trivia. Life partner, father, chronic gadget reviewer. Survivor.

The Founder

Martin Regtien - Team Page

Martin Regtien

Founding Editor

The Ancient one. A Smither of words. Grounded in tech. A Flyer with birds. Lover of life.

Former owner and on-going contributor to DRN.

The Ginger

Peter Bower - Team Page

Peter Bower


Writer. Photographer. Gamer. DRN Web Guy. Ginger. Lover of movies, whisky and music. Hater of soup.

Mr Social

Simon Pollock - Team Page

Simon Pollock


Photographic Industry Social Media Consultant, Coffee, Music, Dad-jokes. Not always in this order.

The Engineer

Jo Wieclaw - Team Page

Jo Wieclaw


Mechatronic Engineer. Ferret Owner. Human-Cyborg Relations. Problem Solver.

The Adrenaline Junkie

Ben Webb - Team Page

Ben Webb


Adrenaline junkie. Sports nut. I have to test everything to death to satisfy my curiosity.

The Recidivism Wrangler

Lis P - Team Page

Lis Petersen


Inquisitive. Political observer.
Keeper of cats. Asiaphile. Traveller. Cellist – Grade 0. Student, partner, mother. No words bigger than wheelbarrow.

The Chameleon

Chris Buckley - Team Page

Chris Buckley


Chris is a mixed bag. Actor, TV and radio presenter, drummer, specialist in the IT sector, lover of tech and audio, reviewer of whisky, and proud father.

The Storyteller

Lee Hubert - Profile Photo

Lee Herbet


Lee is a cinematographer with a passion for teacher photography/video and editing.

The Timberlake

Matt Downey - Bio Pic

Matt Downey


Writer, PC Gamer, father, gadget lover, purveyor of quality dad jokes, only gets sick on weekdays (must have a weekend immune system).

The Roving Journeyman

Brendan Hawke - Profile Photo

Brendan Hawke


Teacher, father, a man of many talents, one with many hats.

The Impatient Collector

Julie Barns


Shoe addict. Dance lover. Educator. Arts advocate. Traveller. Seamstress. Mother of four. Lacks patience.

Want to find out more about our Editorial Code? Or perhaps you want to join the team?