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ClickFree HD700 Backup Solution from Storage Appliance Corp

Industry NewsWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: ClickFree HD700 Backup Solution from Storage Appliance CorpClickFree must be easiest backup solution out in the market today. 

No installation is required and the HD700 works right out-of-the-box.

Considering the fact that probably 50% of all people never back up their systems -- ever -- Storage Appliance Corp has found a ready market. 


We will be reviewing a slew of backup solutions in the next few weeks, from one touch backup drives to the almighty Drobo, but we are very keen to review this little beauty for you. 

Stay tuned for our report and in the meantime have a look at some more details below.


aXbo Alarm Clock GiveAway: the People's Verdict

MiscellaneousWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: aXbo Alarm Clock GiveAway: the People's VerdictYou might remember that ran a GiveAway some months ago for the aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock.

It has proven to be a most popular competition and three aXbo units could be won, courtesy of aXbo in Austria where this unique product is manufactured.

We promised a final write-up-- following our original review here -- the people's verdict.

Two of the three winners decided to let us know what they thought of the aXbo.

Read their reports below.



Momento 100 Digital Picture Frame from i-mate Reviewed

MiscellaneousWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: Momento 100 Digital Picture Frame from i-mate Reviewed 

It wasn't too long ago that we reviewed the eStarling from PF Digital.

I made a remark in that write-up about this being one of the few DPFs that had a wireless capability.

Well, today we are looking at another one and it seems that the ability to upload photos to digital picture frames wirelessly from your computer or directly from the Web is a hot feature these days.

Let's have a look at the Momento 100 from i-mate.


XtremeMac Luna X2

Industry NewsWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: XtremeMac Luna X2iPod Xperts, XtremeMac have announced their new and improved Luna X2 iPod clock/radio to get you bopping out of bed.


More than an alarm clock, XtremeMac touts their X2 as a high-performance room audio system. And with an auxiliary line-in jack, two full-range speakers and a hi-dynamic power amplifier, this description might stick. With a functional remote control and its aesthetically pleasing looks, we look forward to hearing what the X2 sounds like.


The Luna X2 is available for pre-order from XtremeMac direct, for $119.95US.


WiebeTech Drive eRazer - Reviewed

AccessoriesWritten by Kevin Cheng on .

Read more: WiebeTech Drive eRazer - ReviewedWhen you delete a file from your computer, is it really gone?  Information theft is getting more coverage in mainstream media in recent times, most of us would be aware of potential loss of personal information if you lose a mobile device such as a notebook, iPod or mobile phone.


Or imagine this scenario.  You have just bought a state of the art new computer. All your data has been copied over to the new machine and deleted from the old machine.  You then sell it to another party for a tidy sum and it is the end of that story.  Or is it?


Thoroughly erasing data beyond recovery on a hard disk is a time and resource consuming task.  It is one that is not performed as often as necessary given the number of stories you read in which deleted personal data has been retrieved from hard disks.  The WiebeTech Drive eRazer (Drive eRazer) is a dedicated piece of hardware that can clean a hard disk to US Department of Defence standard (non-classified data) without the need for a host machine.


Popcorn Hour A-100 - Funny Name, Full HD

Industry NewsWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: Popcorn Hour A-100 - Funny Name, Full HDThe oddly named, Popcorn Hour A-100 is a network media player which allows you to playback more video formats than you can poke a stick at. And critically all those new HD varieties you’ve been dying to play back are on the list.

The A-100 also has an internal PATA connector to add a harddisk but is equally happy to grab videos over your network, over the internet (Youtube, Google Video, etc.) or from your external drives via its two USB 2.0 ports.

Add to this HDMI and component video out (up to 1080p) and S/PDIF coax digital audio for Dolby Digital/DTS pass through and we might just have the perfect network media player. Apple, are you paying attention?

Read on for full specifications including the incredible list of supported audio/video formats.


The Nephilim Imperatives - Book Review

MiscellaneousWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: The Nephilim Imperatives - Book ReviewHave you ever wondered what's behind UFOs?  Or about such sightings as Bigfoot or Yetis?

Does Area 51 pique your interest?


The other week a most unusual book landed on my desk called The Nephilim Imperatives, by Terry James.

This book purports to give a reason behind these sightings and it comes from a perspective that you may not have expected.


It gives credence to the existence of UFO phenomena and is an interesting read.

G-TECH/Pro EGS - More than a Big Rev Counter!

Industry NewsWritten by Paul Moons on .

Read more: G-TECH/Pro EGS - More than a Big Rev Counter!Okay, I’ll admit it - If the G-TECH/Pro EGS was just a big rev counter that would be okay too, but it turns out that the EGS is G-TECH’s latest update to its line of car performance meters.

The Expandable Gauge System (EGS) aims to provide the driver with all the information he/she could ever want in a single - aesthetically awesome - gauge. Along with the shift lights and massive rev counter, the high resolution LCD is used to display coolant temperatures, digital rev counter, performance graphs and even accelerometer data, etc.

The EGS also has a detachable control unit which can be placed closer to your hands for easy access.

Stay tuned as we try to get our hands on one of these to put it through its paces. Until then, you can head on over to GTECH’s website to get more information.

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