B O Play previews A9 Nordic Sky edition wireless speakers (eyes-on)

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B O Play previews A9 Nordic Sky edition wireless speakers (eyes-on)

Not to leave its $2,699 A9 wireless speaker stuck with solid colors for the fall and winter, B&O Play's added some limited editions inspired by the natural color palette of Scandinavia. Dubbed the Nordic Sky editions, the three variants previewed for Copenhagen Fashion Week represent dawn, twilight and dusk. The pastel gradient grilles aim to keep the summer night's visual influence alive through the colder seasons, as B&O explains it. The units still feature the same 480-watt (x5) 2.1 stereo output, with DLNA and AirPlay to keep the music flowing. The Nordic Sky editions will retail for the same $2,699 price as the standard versions, while current A9 owners can also purchase each color kit (three wooden legs and a grille cloth) for $259 a pop. There's no exact arrival date yet, but B&O says to expect them on its shelves in September. No doubt these pieces scream opulence, but they're a visual treat in person. Full press release after the break.

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