Bowers Wilkins embraces Lightning: refreshes Zeppelin Air, intros Z2 AirPlay speaker

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Bowers Wilkins embraces Lightning: refreshes Zeppelin Air, intros Z2 AirPlay speaker

Roughly two years ago AirPlay WiFi streaming was becoming a major force, especially thanks to companies like Bowers & Wilkins updating their speakers systems to feature the standard. Two years later, B&W's bodacious Zeppelin Air is getting updated yet again, but this time it's all about the dock. Those of you who can't bare to go dock-free with the A5 and A7 will be pleased know the third-generation Zeppelin features a Lightning connector. Aside from Lightning and an updated LED array, it's essentially the same speaker we were polarized by back in May 2011, set to ship this May for the same $600 price. Beyond that, the company is introducing what's effectively the wireless followup to its defunct Zeppelin Mini, the $400 Z2. Positioned as a small speaker with big sound, the ovular unit features a top-mounted Lightning dock for iPhones and iPod Touches. It'll be available in black this April, with a white version following in June -- consider it the company's take on bedside or kitchen speaker that you'd normally see from Sony or Harman.

Meeting with B&W we were able to give both a quick listen; the Zeppelin still sounds like we remembered, while the Z2 pumped a large amount of volume for it's size (albeit a good deal muddy at its loudest settings). Suffice it to say, both maintain the thick and smooth voicing that this editor has come to enjoy from its P5 headphones. If you want more details in the meantime, you'll find a press release after the break.

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