Budweiser's Buddy Cup makes Facebook friending a toast away

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Budweiser's Buddy Cup makes Facebook friending a toast away

Making new friends over cold brew isn't particularly difficult, but making those friendships Facebook-official requires a bit more effort -- unless you have Buddy Cup, that is. Developed by ad outfit Agencia Africa and creative studio Bolha for Budweiser Brazil, the drinking vessel makes folks who toast with each other friends on Zuckerberg and Co.'s social network as soon as their beverages collide, with an LED lighting up to confirm the new acquaintance. Partygoers link their Facebook profilewith theLilyPad-basedgrail by scanninga QR code underneath the glass with an app from the brewer, and they'll be on their way to making new pals. The Drum reports that the Buddy Cup will be used at concerts, festivals and parties sponsored by The King of Beers, but we're sureintrepid imbibers can hack some together for use at their own soirees. Hit the jump to for a video of the contraption.

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Source:Budweiser Brazil (YouTube)

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