Dell Project Ophelia USB Android stick to ship in July, priced at $100

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Dell Ophelia USB Android stick to ship in July, priced at $100

We know that "where for are thou?" was in search of a different Shakespearean character, but if you had the same question for (Dell's) Ophelia, then the answer is July. The Android pendrive / USB computer we saw back at CES may be one of many, but distinctive thanks to its mainstream PC-maker origins. We're still lacking a lot of the specifics, other than that there's WiFi, Bluetooth, Wyse PocketCloud integration, plus, of course, HDMI and Android 4.something. There will likely be a few enterprise-friendly features too (administration tools, remote wiping) reports PC World. As usual, developers will get their hands on them first, with -- interestingly -- some cable and telecoms companies potentially stocking it too -- though no specifics at this time. So, the $100 Dell might not be the portable you'd love for this price, but maybe the USB PC finally crossing over?

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