Insert Coin: Gridcase's Reactor lets you manually resuscitate your iPhone 5

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In Insert Coin, we look at an exciting new tech project that requires funding before it can hit production. If you'd like to pitch a project, please send us a tip with "Insert Coin" as the subject line.

DNP Insert Coin Gridcase Reactor for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 already has its share of cases with extended batteries, but how about one with a backup plan for your backup plan? Taking to Crowd Supply for funding, Gridcase's Reactor features an internal 400mAh battery and a crank-powered 500mAh generator that allows users to manually distribute power to their phone's fading cell. Aside from being an on the go smartphone defibrillator, the Reactor adds a micro USB port to your iPhone 5, freeing it from being locked into using Apple's proprietary Lightning connector. If Gridcase's $350,000 crowdfunding campaign is successful and product development goes according to plan, the company will start sending out its first batch of orders in mid-November. As for pricing, the project's first 10,000 backers can score the Reactor for $99 while late adopters will have to pay a premium of $129. So, if you like what you're hearing and you're not afraid of a little manual labor, head on over to the source link below to make a pledge. For those of you who are still on the fence, check out the Reactor's demo video after the break.

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