Nexus 4 gets mystery design tweaks, nubbin to write home about

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Nexus 4 gets mystery design tweaks, still no LTE

If the one thing you wanted from your Nexus 4 was LTE (we mean proper support), then still no joy. That said, some recent modifications suggest that LG and Google are still working to improve it in other, albeit utilitarian, ways. Spotted by German site MobiFlip, was the addition of a small protuberance at the base of the rear, and a difference in the aperture of the camera hole. It's suggested that the former might exist to help project sound from the rear speakers while the phone rests on a table, or to prevent that smooth, glass back from scratches. The camera tweak, however seems less clear, and possibly less functional in its existence. So, if you have one of the newer designs, let us know when and where you got it. If you don't, then just think of yours as a limited edition.

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Via:Android Police

Source:MobiFlip (German)

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