Numark Edge ultra-portable DJ controller announced, we go hands-on (video)

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Numark Edge ultraportable DJ controller announced, we go handson

Just when you thought Numark couldn't invent any moreDJ controllers, it's done it again. This time it's MusikMesse at Frankfurt, with the little guy you see above -- the Mixtrack Edge. It's described as "ultra portable" and when you see how big it is -- roughly the size of an iPad -- we're inclined to agree with that. In fact, when you see the device cooped up in its protective case with the lid down, you'd be forgiven for thinking that's exactly what it was (a tablet). But, no... this is another attempt at forging a new DJ controller category. Numark's done small before (like the DJ2Go), but the Mixtrack Edge has a significant trick up its sleeve -- a built in audio interface. This means no cable splitters, instead plug headphones right in, and line your audio out to your speakers. Sound good? We went hands on to find out, plug in after the break.

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