Orbitsound announces SB60 airSOUND Base 5-speaker system for your TV

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Orbitsound SB60

British audio company, Orbitsound, has been gunning for the spot just under your TV for a while. It's newest device, the SB60 airSOUND Base, is the latest contender for this front-room real estate. The one-box solution measures 60cm x 30cm x 8cm, and squeezes in two front-facing speakers, another pair of "side-firing" ones (to add width,) plus a subwoofer for... well, you know. There's an optical connection for the TV audio, or a 3.5mm jack if you want to pipe anything else through it. The airSOUND Base's all black finish will likely match most of the sets you'd want place on top, though there is a changeable silver grille if this is more to your taste. Orbitsound claims it's particularly suitable for 32- to 42-inch screens, but can handle many others right unto 55". The SB60 airSOUND Base goes on sale in the UK today for £299.

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