PSA: You can now use your Amazon account to log into Lovefilm

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PSA: You can now use your Amazon account to log into Lovefilm

You might be able to knock one password off your list, as you now have the option to log in to your Lovefilm account using Amazon credentials. The changeover is part of the online retail giant's recently announced Login With Amazon initiative, intended to let you use a universal ID for its other websites or those of third party developers. To switch, you'll need to follow the link at the source and enter both your Lovefilm and Amazon details, and may need to re-enter payment info as well. The company promised that your private data will remain "completely safe," and said that any rental lists, bookmarks, viewing history and watchlists will stay put. On the off-chance you're on Lovefilm but don't have an Amazon account, the company wouldn't be adverse to your creating one at the same time, in case you fancy physical disc media to go along with the streaming variety. That's not the only change Lovefilm users may notice however, as the service has rolled out versions of its next generation streaming app -- first seen on the PS3 -- for the Xbox 360 as well as Sony Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and home theater systems.

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