Volar-e EV racer goes for a test drive, hopes to turn heads

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Volar-e EV racer goes for a test drive, hopes to turn heads

Still nervous about trading in your gas guzzler for an electric carriage? The European Commission wants you to cast your eyes on the Volar-e, a high performance EV prototype designed specifically to garner attention. Designed and built by Applus IDIADA, the Volar-e boasts 1,000 horses driven by four independently controlled electric motors, a regenerative breaking system and the ability to juice up in under twenty minutes. The prototype -- which was built in only four months -- saw its first public outing this week at Circuit de Catalunya, in Spain, giving onlookers at peek at what its four driving modes can do.

The company didn't specify what differentiates the vehicles Eco, Dynamic, Racing and Wet modes, but did go out of its way to highlight the Volar-e's acceleration and top speed: 62mph in 3.4 seconds and 186 mph. The European Commission says the vehicle is built to promote electric vehicles to European markets, standing as a reference point to category's potential. Cool? Sure, but with performance like that, we can't imagine the Volar-e will do much to calm our range anxiety. Check out the prototype racer in action after the break.


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