The Recon Visenta Wireless Foldable Laser Mouse: Slim and Comfortable?

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Accessories


I can't say that I've been looking for a new mouse since the Logitech MX Revolution which we reviewed eons ago, is still calling my office desk home. It is a most comfortable extension of my hand.
When we were asked to review the Recon Visenta there was one outstanding feature that appealed to us from reading the specs: it's a foldable 9 mm thin device. Ideal for travelling.
But can something that thin also be comfortable?



The Visenta has got all the features you would want in a wireless mouse.
It's got a super mini nano USB receiver. That's how they describe it and it just means very small.
You don't want to lose that transmitter so that's why they have a magnetic connection on the underside of the mouse for it. Plus a pouch to put it all in.

You can select DPI from 800 – 1200 – 1600 – 2000.

It sports a full-function touch scroll wheel.

The lithium ion battery is micro USB rechargeable and of course it has power saving technology and an automatic standby mode.

Most likely it will last several months before needing a recharge.

When you fold it onto itself it switches on automatically and the super flat mouse now has a bit of a stance to it and becomes a little bit more comfortable.
Initially I had some problems with making it completely fold over and the springiness of the mouse made it extremely hard to use. But it is a matter of just forcing the device so that the front bit will touch the desktop.



In hours of use I found the Recon Visenta very accurate but not as comfortable to use for the heavy computing that I do on a daily basis.
It's an excellent travelling companion which stows away unobtrusively with your laptop.
And that's where it will probably permanently reside.

Is it value for money?

The normal price is close to 60 bucks US. That's a bit on the steep side but at the moment they have a 30% discount on the site which brings it down to a very reasonable USD42.50.

And for that amount you can select either glossy black or white.


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