Kingston 133X Compact Flash Memory Card

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  Cameras are rapidly increasing in the number of Megapixels these days.  In fact, we have just started seeing compact consumer cameras capable of taking pictures of up to 10 Megapixels!  Whether those cameras take quality pictures is another story to tell.  In general, with an increasing Megapixel count, that means you're working with larger pictures.  And with larger pictures, that's definitely going to mean larger file sizes.  The moment you press that snapshot button, the camera needs to store that large 10 Megabyte file (just an example) as quickly as possible into its memory.  This example leads us into the product we will be taking a look at: the Kingston 133X Compact Flash (CF) memory card.


1 GB USB Flash Card from Brando - Reviewed

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Read more: 1 GB USB Flash Card from Brando - ReviewedThese days you pick your flash memory not only according to the capacity you want, but also the form factor is important and even how it looks.

An interesting form factor is the one that looks like a credit card, only a tad thicker.2010-01-1

The clever thing about this one is that the USB connector is totally flush with the card and makes for a compact unit.

Brando is marketing these 1 GB cards in a variety of prints.  This includes even a picture of the Mona Lisa!

Have a look at what this is all about.


Qstarz BT-Q810 GPS Receiver - Reviewed

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Great Battery Life and Super Sensitive



When Sean Lin of QSTARZ INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. wrote to us to introduce his company and their line of MTK-based 32 Channel GPS receivers, we were kind of blasé about having to test yet another Bluetooth GPS receiver.
However, the Qstarz BT-Q810 was about as small a GPS receiver as I have ever seen and promised an astonishing 25 hours of autonomy.
Could this little number be as good as the best SiRFstarIII unit out there?

The InvisibleShield

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Why would you write a glowing review about a product that you can't even see? That's precisely the point: you can't see it but it does have the very important job of protecting the shiny gadgets that you don't want to get scratched.

And that's why they call it the InvisibleSHIELD.

I have put it to good use on two of my most treasured devices, my Nokia N80 and iPAQ 4700. 

Let's see how we went.

Zaon MRX Portable Collision Avoidance System

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Read more: Zaon MRX Portable Collision Avoidance SystemGreater Safety in the Skies
One of the greatest safety advances of the last few decades in aviation must be the Collision Avoidance Systems installed in commercial airliners. They enable pilots to see who else is flying in their airspace so that they can avoid running into one another. This safety option is now available to all aircraft, including private airplanes, and today we will be reviewing the smallest and most affordable of these portable units, the Zaon MRX Portable Collision Avoidance System. This is the fourth in a series of reviews we have conducted on SureCheck/Zaon products in the last couple of years.

Nokia E61 Mini-Review

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Read more: Nokia E61 Mini-ReviewThe other day I had the opportunity to have a quick look at the Nokia E61 which most people would categorise as a Blackberry type smartphone. I only spent an hour with the E61 which probably doesn't do it justice so we'll just stick to the facts and let the pictures do the talking.

The E61 has a lot going for it with the full keyboard being the most noticeable feature of the phone. For short e-mails this is a godsend, particularly for those people, like myself, will find SMS-ing not the fastest way to communicate.  By necessity the keys are small and can lead to typing mistakes especially because the Delete and the Enter key are rather close together. I found the backlit keys excellent to work with.

Pila GL3 Tactical Torch

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A Must-Have Crime Busting Tool.

Over a year ago, I had a look at the Pila GL3 from Permalight Asia. Since that last review, Pila have been hard at work overhauling their whole range.

their website has changed and so have the flashlights. Or have they?

Today I take another look at the GL3 and I’m quite excited. What’s so exciting about something as boring as a torch, I hear you say?

Well read on…

Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP 30” TFT LCD monitor - Reviewed

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Read more: Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP 30” TFT LCD monitor - Reviewed660 Inch Monster Setup! We recently bought 2 (yes, two!) 30 inch monitors for our gaming setup. The choice for the Dell 3007WFP came down primarily to availability here in Australia but we also looked seriously at Apple's 30in Cinema HD display. In this first look review we give you our findings after having used the Dells for about two months now.

What are the main pros and cons of the 3007WFP?

Zero Tension Mouse

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Read more: Zero Tension MouseRelief for RSI Sufferers
We generally don't review mice as they are about as utilitarian as a USB stick. But when you suffer from RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome your interest in these rodents is elevated to a much higher level.

The Zero Tension Mouse piqued my interest for promising to relieve the rather painful sensation of nervous tenseness in my right hand. The ZTM is not the prettiest of its species and it certainly was one of the hardest to get used to.  As they say “no pain, no gain” so I struggled with the ZTM for a number of weeks.  Was it all worth it?

aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock - Reviewed

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Waking up is an ordeal and a challenge for most people. Being woken up before your body is ready can be a real trauma, particularly when using alarm clocks.  There must be a better way…

My choice?  A soft kiss on the forehead from my wife or a gentle reminder from the aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. Well, that's not really a choice, eh, but the aXbo has the advantage of knowing when it is the best time for my body to wake up.

This is how it works.


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