Galaxy S6 Essentials: the Samsung S-View Case and Wireless Charger

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 Samsung case

Samsung chargerEvery time Samsung releases a new phone in the Galaxy lineup it seems we are doing a quick review of some essential accessories, courtesy of our friends at MobileZap.

This time around we also stuck with the original Samsung products in the hope of a better user experience.

We might change our mind on one of these products though...


If you've ever held a "naked" Galaxy S6 you know how extremely slippery these units are. In case of the Edge it can also be uncomfortable because there is not much to hold onto.

I've got the regular Galaxy S6 phone and it just slides out of your hands if you're not careful. The metal and glass make it even more slippery than the previous plastic products. A case is essential. Any case.

We have had great experiences with the S-View covers on the Galaxy S4 and S5 with the one for the Galaxy S5 having an integrated wireless charging system. I have become quite a fan of wireless rejuicing, particularly because the S5 charging port is always covered and a bit hard to pry open.
So with Samsung's latest products incorporating a dual wireless charging system I should be in 7th heaven, right?
Let's see.

Back to the S-View case first: this time around it is a simpler construction because the charger component is already built into the phone itself. That makes it a lot easier to click the phone in and out. The new case has rounded edges on the right giving it a more modern look but not as classy as the previous case. The other one looked more like leather than this one.

There are dozens and dozens of cases around with most of them trying to offer a feature that will set them apart from the others.

Personally, I find the convenience of having a window into the most essential notifications in a closed case quite attractive. Hence the S –View case.
You can get various colours but black is my preferred "colour".

Frankly, there isn't much more to say than it fits well, protects well, looks well, and was a bit overpriced at $65 but now on special for just 48 bucks.

Samsung chargers

Wireless Charging Revisited

Samsung brought out a decent wireless charger with the previous S5 model: it was small, square and matte.

I was excited to receive the new, much bulkier, and glossy charger, thinking that perhaps it had to be bigger because it is capable of faster charging. No such luck. Even though you can plug in the fast charger, the output is still the same as the other one. So the convenience of wireless charging is brought down by the fact that you have to wait about 3 times as long for a similar charge.

Guess what? I have almost totally gone off wireless charging by opting for faster charging. Fortunately, Samsung has made it a bit easier again by not covering up the charge port.

Wireless charging is still a great option if it combines speed with convenience. I know that there are a few companies working on bringing out wireless chargers that have that capacity by the end of this year. We hope to bring you an updated review then.

Until such time I'm not really able to recommend this particular Samsung Wireless Charger over the previous unit. But it will still do its work if you are keen to have a glossy coaster on your desk with bright lights to indicate its status... Price is also around the 65 dollar mark.

Visit MobileZap to see their offerings on these 2 items.

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