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Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP 30” TFT LCD monitor - Reviewed

DisplaysWritten by Z-NetWORKS on .

Read more: Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP 30” TFT LCD monitor - Reviewed660 Inch Monster Setup! We recently bought 2 (yes, two!) 30 inch monitors for our gaming setup. The choice for the Dell 3007WFP came down primarily to availability here in Australia but we also looked seriously at Apple's 30in Cinema HD display. In this first look review we give you our findings after having used the Dells for about two months now.

What are the main pros and cons of the 3007WFP?

Zero Tension Mouse

PC HardwareWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: Zero Tension MouseRelief for RSI Sufferers
We generally don't review mice as they are about as utilitarian as a USB stick. But when you suffer from RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome your interest in these rodents is elevated to a much higher level.

The Zero Tension Mouse piqued my interest for promising to relieve the rather painful sensation of nervous tenseness in my right hand. The ZTM is not the prettiest of its species and it certainly was one of the hardest to get used to.  As they say “no pain, no gain” so I struggled with the ZTM for a number of weeks.  Was it all worth it?

The Rotasole: Revolutionary Turning Sport Shoe

Industry NewsWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: The Rotasole: Revolutionary Turning Sport ShoeI just watched the latest episode of Beyond Tomorrow, the Australian technology show, which featured the Rotasole. This innovative sport shoe will be able to massively reduce the number of sports injuries from twisting and turning one's feet in sports like basketball or tennis. The secret of the Rotasole is in the rotating disk in the middle of the sole which turns as you turn. This can minimise the stress on your ankle by some 30%. The Rotasole is already available.

aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock - Reviewed

MiscellaneousWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock - Reviewed 

Waking up is an ordeal and a challenge for most people. Being woken up before your body is ready can be a real trauma, particularly when using alarm clocks.  There must be a better way…

My choice?  A soft kiss on the forehead from my wife or a gentle reminder from the aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. Well, that's not really a choice, eh, but the aXbo has the advantage of knowing when it is the best time for my body to wake up.

This is how it works.


Sapphire ATI Radeon X800 GTO (AGP) - Reviewed

PC HardwareWritten by Ronald on .

Read more: Sapphire ATI Radeon X800 GTO (AGP) - ReviewedSince the release of the ATI's next generation X1000 series, ATI's graphics cards have brought higher and higher performance...more pipelines, higher clock speeds, etc.  The enthusiasm for ATI's latest cards doesn't necessarily mean that the older X100 series cards are left in the dust.  In fact, it means more affordable lower prices for the older generation.

Let's face it, not everyone can keep up with technology always.  I've had my custom computer built less than 3 years ago and the switch from the AGP interface to PCI-Express passed so quickly that it makes my system seem old already.  The good news is that there are still AGP versions of graphics cards available.

Today, I will be reviewing the Sapphire ATI Radeon X800 GTO.  This product emphasizes overclocking on a budget.  If you are still stuck with the older AGP interface and love to overclock, this card may be for you.

e Pause: eco-friendly bed with iPod Dock and Bose System

Industry NewsWritten by Martin Regtien on .


Read more: e Pause: eco-friendly bed with iPod Dock and Bose SystemRemember the old beds with built-in radio/alarm clock?

Forget that: the Pause by Design Mobel is nothing like that.


Avant-garde to the max, not just by design or by the inclusion of an iPod dock, but particularly by the use of native New Zealand timber.


The way the rimu timber is grown and harvested will make all Friends of the Forest proud and for AUD6000 you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your bank manager is the only one really worried…

FlashPhone F2K from MPLAT

MiscellaneousWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: FlashPhone F2K from MPLAT

Let’s face it: free calls are attractive.

Free long distance and international calls are very attractive.

And free and easy communications is the ultimate.

That’s where MPLAT’s FlashPhone shines: it’s a USB device that’s uses programs like Skype or Google Talk to make calls over the Internet. Even if you’re not on your own computer.

How easy is the FlashPhone to use and how clear are the conversations?

Let’s explore a Telco’s worst nightmare: free calls for everyone…

Nvidia GeForce Go / MXM SLI Card Prototype from MSI

Industry NewsWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: Nvidia GeForce Go / MXM SLI Card Prototype from MSI

SLI Notebook on the Horizon?

A few week ago we published a news article about developments towards a Nvidia GeForce Go 7800GTX SLi Notebook. Today, we found this very interesting article at hardwarezone about MSI's implementation of SLI technology with MXM modules or better known as NVIDIA's GeForce GO Series. As you can see in the pictures below, MSI demonstrated this dual MXM prototype at CES in a desktop configuration but this development also shows how close we are to seeing this implemented in SLI notebooks:

hp IPAQ 2210

Mobile DevicesWritten by Martin Regtien on .

Read more: hp IPAQ 2210

When you’ve been a PocketPC user for some years and have gone through several models you tend to develop a keen sense of what would be the ideal PDA for you.

In checking out the hp iPAQ 2210 did I come close to the ultimate machine?

Very close.

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