Paleblue introduces a new rechargeable battery tech solution that removes the current barriers to more sustainable solutions.

In Australia alone, over 1 million batteries are purchased every day with over 90% of Australia’s single-use batteries ending up in landfill. One Paleblue smart USB-C rechargeable battery can replace over 4000 single-use alkaline batteries and save Australian households thousands of dollars in equivalent single use battery purchases.


The name evokes (probably deliberately in this case) quotes from Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. “The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage.” Paleblue started with a clear mission: Rid the world of single-use batteries.

Single-use batteries not only have a negative impact on the environment but also our back pockets. Finally, a tech driven solution is available in Australia with the launch of Paleblue and their lithium-ion, fast charge USB-C rechargeable batteries.

Available in a variety of formats (AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt, CR1233A), Paleblue not only offers a great alternative to help counter a major issue facing our environment, but it also offers a better battery solution for long term performance and cost savings.

Not only are rechargeable batteries the right thing to do for the planet but it’s the economically smart thing to do and, with the United Nations International Day of Zero Waste coming up on the 30th of March, this is a simple, cost-effective and sustainable change that every Australian household could (and should!) make.

Fast Facts
  • Over 1 million single-use batteries are sold every day in Australia;
  • Over 90% of these are put into landfills, leaking hard metals and toxins into our environment;
  • 1 Paleblue battery can replace 1000+ standard single-use batteries;
  • Only 30% of batteries bought in Australia are rechargeable;
    • In the AA & AAA categories it is less than 2%!
  • Now a new, accessible, affordable and tech driven solution is here, making rechargeable viable for all Australians.


Millions of Paleblue batteries can already be found in the wild, everywhere from human-powered cross-ocean adventures, to film sets, concert venues and everyday households. They’re displacing the need for hundreds of millions of disposable batteries.

Created by Utah-based company, Paleblue, these revolutionary new batteries are created with full-circle sustainability in mind, with the Paleblue team working hard to refine their product and packaging materials to keep waste to an absolute minimum.

The team also puts their money where their mouths are, investing monies into sustainability organisations like 1% for the Planet and Protect Our Winters.

Built for adventure, perfect for home, the new Paleblue batteries have been designed and tested for impressive performance and convenience. Quick charging by USB-C in the field, in a tent, in your truck, or back at home, you’ll save time, money and waste and not compromise performance.

Bluemouth Interactive is exclusively distributing Paleblue in Australia.

Available now in select stores, and