Why advertise with us?

Digital Reviews Network (DRN) is considered a boutique site, but we have always punched well above our weight when it comes to Google search results and often our reviews rank in the Top 3 of Google searches. We currently average in excess of 10,000 unique visitors a month, predominantly Australian based, and expect the numbers to continue growing with the new modernised, friendlier website.

Although the DRN name implies a technology focus, we take pride on exploring the complex interactions between technology and their impact, and ways to stay both physically and mentally healthy. You can find out more about us and the team here.

Our readers are predominantly looking for honest, unbiased information about a product they are considering to purchase. We engage them with thinking beyond just the technical and pose questions on how the product can better meet our needs. The team’s goal is to leverage our very diverse set of expertise and demographics and to bring informed, insightful and real life experiences to our readers.


Our Advertising Layout

We aim to have a complementary balance of display advertising and thoughtful content.

As seen by the image to the side, our approach is to be content focussed. Advertising will be limited to be unobtrusive and prevent visual overload. Ads will not feature mid-content and will be restricted as seen to below the header, above the footer, and to the sidebar.

Example advertisement sizes are included to in the images to the side. Header/footer heights are limited so not to impose excessive delays before content. Sidebar advertisements can be any height as sought by the vendor and will be displayed on every page (with the exception of the About Us page and author bios, which are full width pages).

Pricing to be negotiated with proposed advertising artwork.


Paid Features

While often our reviews are performed in exchange for product, Paid Feature Articles can be arranged. It is noted that payment will be declared within the article in line with our Editorial Code.


Contact Us

For advertising and partnership queries, open a conversation with us at advertise@digitalreviews.net or via our Contact page.