Editorial Code

Digital Reviews Network practices unbiased, honest takes on technology, stories and occasionally the state of the world. We are a predominantly review site with content that matters, or should matter, to our readers. Some stories rely on our own ideas, others are in response to the shape of the picture around us. We only have the one rule and it applies to all that we do.

The opinions expressed on Digital Reviews Network are solely those of the editors and/or approved contributors. We pride ourselves on honesty, whether it is joyous or touches a raw nerve, our job is to inform to the best of our ability with transparency and fairness. All content are based on our experiences having tested and used the various products often quite extensively and over many weeks and sometimes months.

The products we review may have been self funded by the individual reviewer, or been provided by manufacturers, distributors, retailers, PR companies, or be a paid feature. Sometimes these products need to be sent back after the completion of the review, and sometimes they can be retained for extended testing and where the costs of shipping them back may be prohibitive. We will always let you know which category they fall over the course of the review.

In all cases, the opinions of the writer will fairly represent their actual experiences with the product, whether or not these were received freely or not.

Often companies will subsequently advertise on Digital Reviews Network for the products that we reviewed and, again, this does not influence editorial content.

Interested in joining the team?

Whilst the Digital Reviews Network currently has a full roster of editors, we are always on the lookout for new talent.

Our mantra is simple:

  • Are you passionate about technology and gadgets?
  • Do you like to peek under the hood to really understand what makes it tick?
  • Do you often wish your real world experience, thoughts and opinions on the gadgets are heard?
  • Can you string a few sentences together and create a story?
  • Are you are an experienced video maker and want to make some video reviews?

All our editors are contributing their content out of love. This means there is no remuneration on offer. As we never “only lab test” the gadgets we review, we tend to get to keep what we play with. That is our rewards aside from accolades and adoration from our audience.

If you are still reading at this point, have an unique angle and like to contribute to the site content, come hit us up by clicking through to our contact page below with your pitch and an appropriate subject header, like “Idea to contribute to DRN”.

We promise we won’t bite, and you never know where this could lead you.

Want to join the team?