Jo Wieclaw


Jo Wieclaw - DRN Bio

I am someone with an inexplicable curiosity for learning about how things work. Some might say, I was just born with it.

Over the years, this trait has applied itself to many different interests: technology, health, animals, engineering, neuroscience. Currently I am working as a mechatronic engineer at an automation and control engineering company. I enjoy the challenge of always having a variety of projects and new problems to solve, whether technical, logistical or even managerial.

Engineering is in my blood. Over the years I have been part of various committees including the Electrical College Board Committee of Engineers Australia as a general board member; and the Electrical Energy Society of Australia, as the University Liaison Officer. I was also a member of the SAE (car building and racing team) whilst at university. It was an invaluable experience to work as a part of a dynamic team, often with high pressures, with a strong emphasis on developing practical abilities.

When I was stuck at home during COVID isolation periods, I have jumped onto 3D printing as a new interest that I could comfortably do from home. And in between waiting for the printing to complete, I have found myself wanting to make the recipes of childhood, like my grandmother used to make, getting back to Polish roots.

My interests for DRN are predominantly technology, audio devices and lifestyle products. And as Kevin knows well, if there is a fault or flaw with something I am reviewing, I am going to find it because I just can’t stop tinkering.


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