Amazon Music recently announced the launch of podcasts in Australia. For the 48% of listeners who prefer to tune in at home, this launch also marks the first time they will be able to access podcasts on Amazon Music using only their voice on any Alexa enabled device, including Echo speakers and smart displays, or via the Alexa app.

For the first time Australian customers will be able to stream top podcasts new and familiar, including original shows produced exclusively for Amazon Music and hosted by creators such as Jake Brennan, DJ Khaled, Dave Crawley and more, at no additional cost.

Commissioned by Amazon Music in partnership with Amazon Alexa and Devices, the findings from the State of Podcast report was released to mark the launch of podcasts on Amazon Music in Australia, provides insights to understand the behaviours of Australian podcast listeners. This study was conducted online between 16 – 21 June 2021 by YouGov. Following the completion of interviewing, the data was weighted by age, gender and region to reflect the latest ABS population estimates.

The State of Podcast found that 62% of Australian podcast listeners listen to a podcast at least once a week and almost a fifth of Aussie podcast listeners (19%) are now doing so on a daily basis.  41% of Aussies say they have been able to apply what they have learned from podcasts in everyday life, whether to improve their mental health, keep on top of the news agenda or be more empathetic. So not only are we listening to more Aussie podcasts than ever before, they’re actually helping us to become better versions of ourselves too.

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Local content is king

The report has revealed that Aussie voices are thriving when it comes to podcasting, particularly in comparison to traditional entertainment. Despite a clear penchant for local podcasts, the report revealed that when it comes to television Aussie podcasts listeners are actually more likely to watch more non-Australian (41%) than Australian TV (34%).

This trend is particularly prevalent amongst those who favour sports (63%), business/technology (59%), health & lifestyle (58%) and news/politics (56%), whilst only those who listen to society and pop culture podcasts (30%) are more likely to listen to international podcasts.

Australian podcast listeners clearly want to engage with local voices and content that feels relevant to them, and they aren’t just keen to hear from local voices, they’re looking to learn from them too.

Over half (56%) say that they listen to podcasts to learn something new or to learn about issues and topics that aren’t covered in other mediums (31%). And whilst entertainment and comedy (42%) remains the top genre amongst Aussie listeners, somewhat unsurprisingly after recent events , the second and third are actually health and lifestyle (36%) and news and politics (35%).


On smartphonePodcasts for positivity

Pleasingly, taking on these new and different viewpoints and broadening our perspectives is having a positive impact on our outlooks, mental health and empathy.

The overwhelming majority (86%) of Aussie podcast listeners agree that listening to podcasts has positively impacted them in some way shape or form and 52% say that podcasts have helped them appreciate new and different ways of thinking. A further 37% reported that podcasts have helped them to change their perception of a topical issue, whilst over a third (35%) agreed they allowed them to be more mindful and supportive of their own mental health, and helped them to be more empathetic towards others (26%).


When it comes to podcasting, there’s no place like home

It is a common assumption that people listen to podcasts when on the go in the car, commuting or exercising, however, the Amazon Music State of Podcasts report actually found that the number one location to listen to podcasts was around the home (48%).

Australian podcast listeners prefer to listen to their podcasts when at home doing housework/cooking (32%), while in bed (31%), while getting ready for work (13%), and while in the shower/bath (9%). Surprisingly less popular was listening to podcasts when walking or exercising (30%) and commuting (25%), whilst 15% of listeners admit to doing so whilst at work!


Podcasts on Amazon Music

For the first time, Australian customers will be able to stream top podcasts they already know and love with Amazon Music; from Australian comedy duo, Hamish & Andy to No Such Thing As A Fish, the weekly comedy podcast that delves into the host’s favourite facts that have been unearthed that week. Amazon Music customers can access podcasts in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android, on Alexa enabled devices, and at

The full State of Podcast report is available at Analysis & Policy Observatory.


Women and podcasts:
Women (61%) are more likely than men (52%) to listen to podcasts to broaden their horizons and learn something new (61% women compared to 52% men) or to hear stories/experiences not told in other media (45% women to 38% men)
Women’s preferred podcasts include:

  • Health and lifestyle (45%)
  • Crime (34%)
  • Advice and self help (31%)

Men and podcasts:
Men are more interested in in-depth analysis on current events and issues (39% men to 29% women)
Their preferred podcasts include:

  • News and politics (41%)
  • Sports (35%)
  • Business and technology (36%)