In a bid to crack down on the scam epidemic plaguing inboxes across the country, award-winning cyber security provider AUCloud is launching advanced cyber security training and phishing simulations.

As an Australian, it is hard to miss the spate of cyber attacks resulting in data breaches in the past 18 months or so. The ones that made it to the news are Optus, Medibank, VicRoads, Court Services Australia, Yakult, DP World just to name a few.



Having previously been in the frontline of cyber security, technology only goes so far in protecting your assets. The weakest link is always the human factor. Always. Writing this reawakens a dormant memory of users, despite every warning, every training, one day decided to click on an attachment in an unknown email. Yours truly reached for the brown pants that day.

According to the latest statistics from the Australian Government’s technical authority on cyber security, Email compromise and business email business (BEC) fraud are both ranked in the top 3 cybercrime types affecting businesses.

AUCloud CEO Peter Maloney said as cyber threats become more sophisticated, organisations must equip their workforce with the necessary skills to identify and mitigate potential risks.

On our platform, we see an average fail rate of 30% for initial phishing simulations, and by providing regular awareness training we see clients reduce their phishing score by 98%,” Mr Maolney said.

AUCloud is determined to offer the most comprehensive solutions to help businesses manage and protect Australian organisations’ data.

AUCloud’s advanced cyber security training goes beyond conventional methods by incorporating realistic phishing simulations.

Phishing simulations and regular training serve as a crucial line of defence against business email compromise (BEC) by providing organisations with a proactive means to prepare and empower their employees.

Organisations must implement robust cyber security measures, including employee training, multi-factor authentication, and email security protocols, to mitigate the risks associated with BEC incidents.

The ASD’s annual Cyber Threat Report 2022–23 revealed the average cost of cybercrime is up 14 per cent on the prior year, with the average incident costing medium-sized Australian businesses $97,200 per incident.

According to AUCloud, the most clicked on emails in Australian businesses are spearphishing related to HR and IT updates and notices.

AUCloud’s phishing training and simulations involve educating individuals on recognising and responding to phishing attempts, through interactive online training modules and exercises that mimic and prepare for real-world scenarios.

Tailored specifically for Australian businesses, this training solution aims to revolutionise how organisations train employees to recognise and avoid falling victim to email phishing scams.

AUCloud’s new cyber security phishing training and simulations are now available across its suite of award-winning cyber security and secure cloud solutions.