In just a few short weeks, the world’s attention will be on France for the greatest sporting event on earth. For Vodafone postpaid customers, they are offering three days of FREE international roaming in France as they capture the action IRL and share their Aussie spirit!

From July 26 to July 28 right across France, Vodafone will cover the cost for international roaming so Aussies can focus more on supporting their favourite Green and Gold athletes and less on their mobile bill. To be eligible for the three free days, customers just need to switch on Vodafone’s $5 Roaming service.

Vodafone France Olympics


In 2023, Vodafone postpaid customers travelling in France downloaded approx. 671 MB per day on average, more than six times the global average for international roaming (109MB per day). An estimated one-third of Vodafone’s postpaid customers take advantage of international roaming each year and with an exciting month ahead in Paris, they won’t be slowing down.

While customers can protect themselves from bill shock with Vodafone’s $5-a-day international roaming service, other telcos charge up to $3 per megabyte for international roaming, meaning an Aussie traveling in France using a different mobile provider could be paying a whopping $6,039 for three days of mobile use! (Based on the daily average of 671MB per day at $3 per MB based on competitor pay as you go roaming plans.)

A Vodafone spokesperson said, “Travelling should be about creating great memories and experiences, not worrying about a nasty bill when you get home.

By offering three days of free international roaming in France, our customers will be able to stay connected to what matters most, whether they’re sharing triumphant moments with friends back home, or cheering from the sidelines.

With the cost to upload one TikTok video abroad potentially setting Aussies back up to $39 (The platform requires approximately 13MB to upload or stream a 60 second TikTok), the cost of documenting travel can quickly add up, especially when you consider vacationers spend up to 2 hours per day on social media sharing their experiences with friends and loved ones.

With Vodafone’s $5-a-day international roaming service, postpaid customers can use their regular Australian plan inclusions in over 100 countries making it easy to make calls, send texts, and use mobile broadband like you would at home.

For me? I am going to have to stock up on baguettes, pain du chocolat and Orangina and watch it on TV. Viva la France!


What? Free international roaming for eligible Vodafone customers (postpaid consumer/business customers) in France

When? Eligibility period: 26th, 27th and 28th July 2024 (French time zone – GMT+2)

How? Eligible customers will need to activate Vodafone International roaming when in France for the abovementioned period. Customers will not be charged.

Where? France