With the launch of the iPhone 15, the budget conscious would be looking at what the value of the previous generation would be worth. Boost Mobile tells you how much you can expect to get when trading in your old phone.

While the iPhone 14 range continues to attract strong value in the trade-in market, Boost Mobile is expecting the majority of trade-ins to come from Australians keen to upgrade from previous generation iPhones, including the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 range, now having had their devices for 2-3 years.

Further, Boost Mobile expects that Australians on ‘Pro Max’ models with larger memory size devices will look at trading in to be able to step up to the newest model.

The top six devices expected to attract strong trade-in interest over the coming month, alongside the latest Boost Mobile’s latest Trade-In pricing for September 2023, include:

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB – $1,080 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB – $950 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App
  • iPhone 13 Pro 256GB – $815 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB – $680 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App
  • iPhone 12 128GB – $455 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB – $515 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App
  • iPhone 11 64GB – $310 via Boost Mobile Trade-In App

*Pricing is available upon request for additional models


Boost Mobile continues to add to its customer offerings to make it easier than ever before for consumers to explore trading in their old smartphone. In addition to its Trade-In app, it has also added an “up to” price estimator to its website.

There is always excitement and interest around a new iPhone launch, though we anticipate that Australians will look at trading in their old smartphones more than ever before as part of their buying process this time around,” said Boost Mobile General Manager Jason Haynes.

Such launches are also a timely reminder of the trade-in value of people’s existing devices, with many Australians sitting on older smartphones that still have a value and could be helping greatly as personal budgets continue to be hit by the rising cost of living by putting some extra dollars in their pocket.

Recently awarded the 2023 Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Award for Telecommunications, the Boost Mobile Trade-In app provides Australians an easy, convenient, and safe way of trading in old smartphones and iPads for reliable and quick cash.

In research undertaken by Boost Mobile, 78% of Australians revealed they have at least one unused smartphone in their home, with 74% open to trading in or recycling their old smartphones. Lack of perceived value (52%), convenience (21%) and private data concerns (25%) were the main reasons stopping some from having their smartphones re-used or recycled.

The Boost Mobile Trade-In app addresses these concerns, gamifying the trade-in process and enabling customers to check their phones and iPad’s accurate trade-in value, and receive a free Australia Post shipping label all in a few easy steps. From the comfort of your home, unwanted devices can now be assessed and valued via the app, which takes consumers through a range of six diagnostic tests to help derive a specific value. Once the customer accepts the quote, they can send the device back free of charge at any Australia Post office, and once the device has been checked customers will be conveniently paid cash directly into their account.

Having confidence in the refurbishing process and the company you buy from is a critical component to this, and customer awareness and education is really important. Our Boost Mobile Trade-In App provides the opportunity for all consumers to resell their current devices to put cash in their own pocket with confidence, knowing that 98 percent of all devices received are given new life via Boost’s Refurb Shop.

Australia is behind many other similar markets when it comes to trading in their smartphones, with Mobile Muster finding that only 8% of mobile phones in Australia are either being sold or traded in when someone purchases a new phone, something that is far more prevalent in the US, UK and Europe.

The accuracy of the trade-in app’s quote is possible thanks to a tailored selection of gamified diagnostic tests incorporated into the app to derive its trade-in market value. The six tests within the app process include a screen accuracy test, touch screen test, pixel test, phone buttons check, microphone check and battery drain test. It also takes consumers through a ‘how to’ clear data that may still remain on their smartphone before sending in their device.

The trade-in app takes Boost Mobile’s championing of refurbished smartphones to a new level, as it looks to play an even bigger role in participation in, and promotion of, the circular economy. It offers consumers both an easy way to get value from their unwanted smartphones, while recycling them into the Boost refurbished phone program for re-sale. Having sold refurbished devices online for over three years, this app and trade-in program sees the offering come full circle with 98% of devices received being given new life. This process furthers the environmental benefits of refurbished devices by maximising the life cycle of old phones and helping keep devices in use and out of landfill for as long as possible.

Boost Mobile Trade-In App


App Tests

The 6 key tests included in the app are:

  1.  Screen accuracy test: touch a target on the screen
  2. Touchscreen test: touch all points of the screen
  3. Pixel test: touch to identify dead pixels on an orange screen
  4. Phone Buttons check: check that buttons work
  5. Microphone check: speak directly into your device to check the sound works.
  6. Battery Drain Test: torch turns on and phone vibrates for 30 seconds to see by how much it drains the battery

Other checks in the app include product model and size, aesthetic condition and IMEI number.


Boost pays real money into the customer’s nominated Bank or PayPal. Once the device has been received and checked at the Alegre warehouse, the customer’s payment is processed with bank transfers usually clearing within 24 hours. Boost’s competitive pricing means a guaranteed great deal.