As befitting Australia’s leading event for pro and commercial audio visual and interactive technologies for over a decade, Epson will be presenting a wide range of projectors, including some new products for the first time, alongside an exciting immersive area.

This immersive experience, created with AV specialists Igloo, will be wrapped in projection on the walls, ceiling and floor and will showcase Epson’s high brightness PU-series laser projectors and 4K enhancement.

Kicking off proceedings is the new EB-PQ2220B. By building on the success of the EB-PU Series Epson has introduced the world’s smallest and lightest 20,000-lumen 4K projector in the EB-PQ2220B. This new projector offers many advantages to users including reduced size and weight, easy installation and set-up, simple maintenance and excellent image quality. It has also been designed for use in venues large and small to give the best possible high-impact immersive experiences.

Epson PQ2200

Then, another new product on the Epson stand is the EB-PQ2010B. Part of Epson’s Pro series this new projector offers larger-than-life images from a sleek, powerful unit that’s easy to install. The EB-PQ2010B, also the world’s smallest and lightest 10,000-lumen 4K projector1, is compatible with a wide range of optional powered lenses, including a zero offset .35 ultra short-throw lens.


The next new projector on display is the EB-810E, Epson’s first 4KE super-ultra-short-throw laser display designed for businesses, hybrid working and immersive spaces.

The EB-810E can be placed just centimetres away from a wall to create bright 4KE images up to 160 inches. It projects content in stunning clarity and offers a low cost, energy efficient large display solution with a convenient and quick set up. With 5,000 lumens CLO and 3LCD technology, the EB-810E is simple to use and enables content visibility from all angles and distances.

Epson EB-810E

Alongside these new products is the power and flexibility that comes in the form of the Epson EB-PU2216B 16,000-lumen large venue laser projector. Featuring a sleek, black cabinet, this premium laser projector is optimised for live events with 3G-SDI input and output to accommodate daisy-chaining and long cable runs, plus a mechanical shutter to protect the projector during laser-light shows. The EB-PU2216B produces ultra-bright images from a standard 120 V power source and uses a 20,000-hour virtually maintenance-free laser light source. The EB-PU2216B also features a hermetically sealed optical engine for high dust resistance and a filterless cabinet for low-maintenance operation.

Next up is the EB-PU2220B which, like the EB-PQ2220B, offers users significant advantages including compact size, reduced weight, easy installation and set-up, simplified maintenance and great image quality. This ultra-lightweight, compact laser projector has also been designed for use in large auditoriums, live events, concerts and conference rooms where it delivers high-impact immersive experiences.

Epson EB-PU2216B

The next projector, Epson’s EB-805F, is a laser display solution that brings informative signage to life, with scalable projections of up to 130 inches. Bringing fresh dimension to signage with borderless images and projection onto ultra-wide surfaces, the EB-805F features Full HD 1080p2 image quality which makes it ideal for retail, hospitality and visitor attractions presenting a truly immersive experience.

Epson EB-805F

Last and by no means least for business owners and creative minds who continue to search for new ways to create personalised, interactive experiences to keep consumers engaged there will be the Epson EV-115 lighting laser projector.

A convergence of lighting and display technology, the EV-115’s unique spotlight form factor, combined with breakthrough laser technology and easy content management tools, allows users to unleash dynamic displays for digital art, commercial signage and décor applications. The EV-115 adds movement and life to retail displays, hospitality events, visitor experiences, galleries, museums, corporate environments and exhibitions by subtly blending into any environment.

Epson EV-115