FUJIFILM has announced Object Archive, a joint marketing alliance with Tiger Technology to provide business customers with a long-term, secure, and scalable storage management solution for the seamless movement of data from a primary storage tier to tape storage.

If you stop and think about the massive amounts of data we have collected over the years, from the both analogue and digital collections, backup has always been a difficult problem to solve. Vast amounts of information has been lost in events such as the Mongol Sack of Baghdad, the Burning of the Library of Alexandria, ransomware and, gross negligence.

The alliance between FUJIFILM and Tiger Technology seeks to enable cost-effective, open, and future-proof way of archiving and preserving massive amounts of data. By integrating FUJIFILM’s Object Archive software with Tiger Technology’s Tiger Bridge software, it offers active archiving to tape while preserving the entire chain of custody. The resulting environment provides a complete archiving solution to simplify the management and archive of unstructured data, and its movement into low-cost, long-term storage.

Object Archive

How do the two software solutions work together?

The Tiger Bridge solution monitors and manages selected areas of the local file system, then identifies data based on metadata attributes to move it to the FUJIFILM Object Archive platform. Aging content can be actively archived – meaning that aged files no longer reside on local disk space, yet remain fully visible and accessible to users and applications. Once this content is archived, FUJIFILM Object Archive software provides a secure, long-term archival copy on tape, with a physical air-gap, while permitting continued access to the data. This provides immutable data copies that can help prevent a ransomware or cryptolock attack on a network.

Working together, Tiger Bridge and FUJIFILM Object Archive software products provide a comprehensive archive solution that scales seamlessly as archive needs increase. The combined environment offers secure data protection for sensitive digital assets while minimising the total cost of managing long-term data.

Successful long-term archiving is achieved when you have confidence in immediately accessing your data, even when today’s technology fails you,” says Lance Kelson, executive vice president at Tiger Technology. “Using an open tape format is the essential first step, but one must still be wary of archiving software that encapsulates your content in a proprietary wrapper. The Tiger Bridge solution stores files in their native format when moving data to FUJIFILM Object Archive software, thereby preserving the chain of custody and avoiding vendor lock.