The crew from Cure Cancer have been doing some seriously important work and have been for over 50 years. Their efforts have led to fundraising over $81million to support over 534 lifesaving research grants across all cancer types. They have an ambitious goal of making this the last generation to die from cancer. Part of Cure Cancer’s arsenal to achieve that goal is Game On Cancer, which is an awesome initiative that reaches out to the gaming community to get involved in this fight. Game On Cancer has raised $350,000 in the past, which alone is enough to fund 4666 hours of research.

Game On Cancer is now in full swing with the Holiday Spectacular, their lead up to Christmas fundraiser. With a goal of $100,000, the Australian gaming community has already gone past $14,000. But there’s much more to go!

Game On Cancer's Holiday Spectacular

The not so cheery stuff

Let’s start off with the hard truth. Cancer is something that will impact almost everyone who reads this, either directly or someone we love. If the boss would let me swear, I think we all know what I would say. Cancer kills almost 10 million people worldwide each year and impacts more. Research is needed to beat this. And your donations can make a difference.

Cancer took my Dad in his 60s; it was as brutal as it could be. During that time, acting as a carer, gaming kept me going. Immersing myself in another world was part of it, but it was mainly the community that gaming can provide. Be they teammates for a game through to the people who have become best friends, online gaming can provide such wonderful support in so many ways. And, so, I appeal to you wonderful folk to help out again.

In my experience, behind the bravado and sometimes toxic nature of online gaming communities, there is so much heart and generosity in the gaming community. Cancer is something that impacts so many (and I am no different), so Game On Cancer is a superb way to reach out and raise more awareness and funds to the important work of Cure Cancer.

So, how can you get involved? Well, there’s a few ways.

Stream the Holiday Cheer!

Firstly, there are awesome gamers out there who are lending their reach via their streams to help raise funds for this important cause. Using Tiltify, streamers can host a charity stream on their channel and engage the audience to raise funds, with XP points for every dollar raised to level up exclusive MVP merch. So that’s pretty sweet. So, if you’re streamer, get involved.

If you’re not a streamer, tune in to your favourites and support them when they host a charity event for the Holiday Spectacular. If they’re unaware of this awesome cause, get over to Game On Cancer’s Twitter and tag your favourite streamers. You can also jump over to the Game On Cancer’s Discord to find out more.

There’s also the ‘old fashioned’ way of just reaching out to your streamer while they’re on stream and encourage them to get involved!


Help a great cause and gain a chance to win an Xbox!

Xbox ANZ has donated one of their Halo 20th Anniversary XBox Series X consoles as a prize. Yes, one of those Xbox consoles. The ones that sold out almost instantly when pre-orders went live! If you didn’t manage to buy one, this may be the only chance you can get one!

It’s pretty simple. ANYONE who donates to ANY fundraising campaign tied to Game On Cancer’s Holiday Spectacular will go in the running to win the console. It doesn’t matter the size of your donation (because every dollar helps this amazing cause), you will go in the running! This prize is valued at AU$849.95, but, let’s face it, with it having sold out already, it’s worth much more than that! Bounce over here to this Twitter post to see all the important stuff including T&Cs (FYI, WA readers won’t be eligible due to WA lottery laws).

Win an Xbox by donating to Game On Cancer




Bethesda and Game On Cancer Holiday Spectacular

Bethesda joins the fight to Cure Cancer

One of the impressive line of supporters, which also includes Xbox, Pax and Humble Bundle, is the amazing gaming studio Bethesda. On 16 December 2021, from 10AM AEDT, the Bethesda ANZ team and their guests will venture through their amazing worlds within Skyrim Anniversary Edition, The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood and Fallout 76. Tune in to the stream and check out these incredible worlds and help them raise funds to support the important work of early-career cancer researchers across all areas of cancer research.

For more information on the stream, keep an eye out on the Bethesda ANZ social channels and watch the stream live on

Tune into the DLC Podcast and the Dungeons and Dragons Live Stream with Jeff Cannata

DLC PodcastJeff Cannata is one of the gaming greats. He is the creator of some of the internet’s most enduring programming, including the Webby Award winning variety series Totally Rad Show, the Podcast Award winning science podcast We Have Concerns, and the wildly popular pop culture shows, DLC, Dungeon Run, The Filmcast, among many others. He’s also worked for a bunch of media producers including the ABC, CBS, NBC, Hulu, G4TV and CNET. He has a passionate fan base and one hell of an infectious positivity. With that positivity, it is little wonder he has joined as an official ambassador for Game On Cancer, to not only promote the cause and raise money, but to raise awareness and push some positivity out into the world around a tough topic.

Throughout December, Jeff’s going to be raising funds for Game On Cancer’s Holiday Spectacular via his DLC Podcast  and Dungeon Run live streams on Twitch.


Get your Rocket League on!

Ever played Rocket League? Well, in brief, you drive cars and play soccer in an arena where you can drive up the walls, use nitro to boost your car, and jump and flip yourself around. To say it’s fast paced and slightly insane is an understatement.

On 17 December 2021, BlueBird Rivals will join forces with Game On Cancer to host a Rocket League spectacular. There will be two tournaments running. An invite only event, where eight teams will battle it out for a AU$500 prize pool. There will also be an open event where players can battle out for a AU$200 prize pool.

To get involved, head over here to sign up. The invited teams are soon to be announced.


Enjoy the mayhem from Back Pocket

The Back Pocket crew have also signed on as official ambassadors for Game On Cancer and are helping raise funds during the Holiday Spectacular.

Who is the Back Pocket team? Tune in and you may recognise a few familiar faces. Nich ‘NichBoy’ Richardson (from Good Game Pocket), Peter ‘Pierreth’ Burns (former producer of Good Game), Gus ‘GooseMangnus’ Ronald (former Good Game supporting host) and Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen (former Good Game and screenPLAY host) have all reunited for this fun show. They review games, play multiplayer games together, and generally get up to all the antics you would expect from a group of friends who clearly spend too much time enjoying themselves.

Check them out at and on YouTube, like, subscribe, follow and donate!


Anything else coming up in the Holiday Spectacular?

Well, who knows what else will pop up in the days leading right up to Christmas Day! So, your best bet is to jump across to Game On Cancer’s Twitter and give them a follow. There’s great content to discover through them and a few prizes, too!

And, naturally, don’t forget to donate to this super important cause.


Game On Cancer's Holiday Spectacular