NVR DVA3221If you only know of Synology as a NAS manufacturer, think again. They have also been in networking and NVR (Network Video Recorder) space for a long time, and they have just launched their latest Deep Learning NVR – the DVA3221.

There are plenty of surveillance solutions in the market: cameras, DVR, NVR. Some are just dumb recording loops, others have some smarts built into it to cut down on false positives. Many people have surveillance solutions, the market is full of affordable (and some less so) devices vying for a place in your protection grid. Let’s be honest here, how often and how much effort do you put into checking each and every notification? Do you sit and watch through the continuous feed of recordings to find that one potential event?

The Synology NVR DVA 3221 is an on-premise 4-bay desktop NVR solution that integrates Synology’s deep learning-based algorithms to provide a fast, smart and accurate video surveillance solution. Powered by Synology Surveillance Station running on Synology DSM, it has built-in support for push notifications keeping users informed of possible intrusions, whilst the automated video surveillance system helps safeguard properties by detecting people, vehicles and anonymous objects in designated zones.

Facial Recognition: Provide enhanced tracking and greater security by categorising and then identifying personnel in real-time
People & Vehicle Detection: Build situational awareness by detecting people or vehicles in off-limit areas
People Counting: Measure marketing effectiveness and optimise rental prices by monitoring foot traffic
Intrusion Detection: Setup perimeter lines for automatic notifications when breaches occur
Easy and Flexible Integration: Complete surveillance deployments in no time with support for over 7,600 IP cameras, H.264/H.265, and 4K resolution
Cross-Platform Support: Access from anywhere and anytime with Windows®, macOS®, iOS™, Android® and web browser support
Scalable Storage: Expand with up to two DX517 expansion units for an additional 10 drive bays

The DVA3221 is a next-generation surveillance solution with deep learning technology. Features include:
Event surveillance: Create a custom watchlist by importing photos of attendees into a database and set rules to notify system administrators when personnel or a VIP client enters or leaves the compound.
Suspicious tracking: Capture and register, or manually submit photos of an unknown person into a database to search for footage of them, or to be alerted when they re-appear on camera.
Covered face detection: Detect when a person is or is not wearing a mask and be notified.
Flexible storage and camera channels: Expand storage to 10 extra drive bays using two Synology DX517 expansion units. Install up to 32 IP camera channels using 6 real-time video analysis tasks.

Generate Actionable Insights
Advanced deep learning-based algorithms built into the DVA3221 convert vast amounts of unstructured video data into business intelligence and security insights. This helps significantly reduce workloads while enhancing overall security.
Facial recognition: Instantly identify key personnel in a custom database with an accuracy of 97.04%.
People and vehicle detection: Notify administrators when an anonymous person or vehicle is loitering in a pre-defined area such as a no-parking zone or in front of a shop.
People counting: Count the number of people entering and exiting in an area using bidirectional counters to help owners gauge sales and marketing effectiveness, or adjust rental rates.
Intrusion detection: Detect when a person or vehicle crosses a perimeter line, alerting administrators to potential intrusions.

The Synology DSM platform underpins the DVA3221 by combining powerful video analytics with robust storage and data management capabilities.
Complete data ownership with zero subscription fees: Unlike security cameras that require monthly subscriptions and store data on the cloud, all DVA3221 recordings are privately stored on the unit itself, free of charge.
Works with more than 7,600 cameras: No lock-ins. Choose from a wider range of camera options to suit your requirements with ONVIF support.
Remote monitoring and control: Access your surveillance system anytime, anywhere, from a web browser, desktop client, or the DS cam mobile app.
Automation & notification: Set up custom actions when predefined events occur, such as automatically taking snapshots when motion is detected. Get notified with e-mail, SMS, or push notifications so that you can respond in a timely manner.
Data Protection and CMS: Comprehensive data protection and backup tools included for both on-site, remote, or cloud-based backup targets. Set up and manage multi-site surveillance systems easily, with optional N+M failover for maximum service availability

Out of the feature set, one of the main takeaway I got is the covered face detection. With the COVID pandemic still in full in many locations in the world. I can see how this feature can play out. Combined with a pre-defined area, such as ingress point, with covered face detection, you could potentially stop someone from breaching your perimeter by being able to take action early.


Hardware Specifications
CPU: Intel® Atom C3538 Quad-core 2.1GHz
Hardware encryption engine: Yes (AES-NI)
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 16506
Memory: 8 GB DDR4 non-ECC SO-DIMM (4 GB x 2; expandable up to 32 GB with 16 GB ECC SO-DIMM x 2)
Compatible drive type: 4 x 3.5” or 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD (drives not included)
Hot swappable drive: Yes
External port: 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, 2 x eSATA port, 1 x COM (for POS system connection)
Size (HxWxD): 166 x 250 x 237 mm
Weight: 4.92 kg
LAN port: 4 x 1GbE RJ-45
Wake on LAN/WAN: Yes
Scheduled power on/off: Yes
System fan: 1 (120 x 120 x 25 mm)
AC input power voltage: 100V to 240V AC
Power frequency: 50/60Hz, single phase
Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C (-5 °F to 140 °F)
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% RH
Maximum operating altitude: 5,000 m (16,400 ft)