The new Amazon Echo Hub combines the simplicity of Alexa with an eight-inch display to create a personalised, proactive, and intuitive smart home experience. It is their first smart home control panel built for simple and intuitive connected device management.

The new Echo Hub allows customers to seamlessly and simply manage everything from daily tasks, to tens of thousands of compatible smart home devices – all with Alexa,” said Kate Gooden, Head of Product, Amazon Alexa in Australia and New Zealand. “Customers around the world interact with Alexa tens of millions of times every hour. From triggering your favourite Routine to updating your shopping list, the Echo Hub gives Aussies more ways to experience what I think is the world’s best personal AI.

Echo Hub

Echo Hub

The all-new Echo Hub is an Alexa-enabled smart home control panel, designed to give customers a simple and intuitive way to manage disparate smart home devices. It’s easy to install and features a thin, eight-inch, touch-enabled display with a customisable dashboard that makes it simple for customers to group and manage smart home devices, view multiple compatible smart home camera feeds at once, start a Routine, organise widgets, and manage volume and media streaming on your devices from one handy hub.

When not actively in use, Echo Hub seamlessly blends into the home by transitioning to an idle screen that can be personalised with a rotating collection of family photos and glance-able information such as the weather and time. When a customer approaches the device, Echo Hub uses infrared technology to detect their proximity and naturally transitions the content back to the home screen.

Easy to install, and includes built-in smart home hub

Echo Hub can be mounted on a wall or placed on a counter with a stand accessory, includes a built-in smart home hub with support for Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth and Matter—and it’s compatible with more than 10,000 connected cameras, lights, locks, plugs, thermostats, speakers, and more. Echo Hub supports wireless or wired internet connectivity, with a compatible power-over-ethernet (PoE) adaptor.

Echo Hub

All-new home screen experience with Adaptive Content for the Echo Show 8

Introducing Adaptive Content – a fresh home screen experience for the Echo Show range that uses on-device computer vision technology to adjust on-screen content based on a customer’s proximity to the device. With the new Adaptive Content experience, a customer positioned across the room will see content that is easily viewed from a distance—such as a large clock display—with the screen automatically transitioning to a more detailed view as they approach the device. If the customer is enrolled in visual ID, the content will also be personalised, highlighting things like a recent playlist. The new adaptive home screen also includes shortcut icons that make it easy to access most used widgets, which can be opened with just a tap.

Key features of the device include

  • A customisable dashboard for grouping devices, starting a Routine or organising widgets. See all of your routines on one screen from the left-side panel and initiate them with a tap, or by asking
  • Alexa – for example, a routine which simultaneously locks the doors, dims the lights, and adjusts the thermostat.
  • The ability to view multiple camera feeds from your security cams or doorbell.
  • Adaptive content, which automatically transitions from a screen with a clock and photo display, to the customisable smart home control screen through infrared technology which detects user proximity.
  • A built-in smart home hub, which means Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, and Matter devices can sync seamlessly, allowing you to control compatible devices, such as lights, switches, and plugs.
  • The ability to play music directly from your Echo Hub or connect your preferred speakers to control audio throughout your home.
  • And, for further personalisation, the option to display curated collections—including new video backgrounds or personal photos.

The Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd generation) is now available from Amazon for AUD$329.