Zyxel Networks has won some coveted accolades at Network Computing Awards 2023. Capitalising on their prowess, they have has unveiled cost-effective, dependable high-speed WiFi solutions for small businesses, with a trio of cloud-based networking solutions: the SCR 50AXE Tri-band WiFi 6E Secure Cloud-managed Router, NWA90AX 802.11ax Dual-Radio PoE Access Point, and GS1915 GbE Smart Managed Switch.

In an era where effective network infrastructure is make-or-break for any business, Zyxel recognizes that the prospect of purchasing, installing, and running such a network can seem especially challenging to SMBs.

Zyxel Networks Cloud Ready Trio


A trio tailor-made for SMBs

Chief among the three products is the SCR 50AXE Secure Cloud-managed Router. Small businesses often struggle to find a budget-friendly network management option that is fast, secure, and easy to manage. The SCR 50AXE eases this pain by combining security, WiFi 6E technology, and cloud management in one affordable device.

In addition to supporting the latest tri-band AXE5400 WiFi 6E, the router comes with best-in-class security out of the box, with no extra subscription or licensing costs. It is also cloud-native, allowing even non-IT staff to seamlessly manage connectivity and security via the Nebula app.

DRN has reviewed the SCR 50AXE and it is a solid performer.

The NWA90AX Access Point ensures businesses of any size can enjoy the game-changing benefits of WiFi 6, including faster speeds in crowded areas, wider ranges, and greater IoT capacity. Whether in a bustling cafe or small office, the AP’s user-friendly design means it can be installed, configured, and managed by any employee.

The GS1915 Smart Managed Switch continues the theme of simplicity without compromise. Its effortless deployment and easy to use interface make it ideal for businesses looking to maximise efficiency without the need for dedicated IT teams. This one has been in the DRN labs for a few weeks and as all good switches go, has been set and forget. The full review is coming soon.

The concerns we hear most from small companies relate to high investment costs and complex network management. But these issues shouldn’t stop them from accessing the fast speeds, wide coverage, and easy management they need to thrive,” Mr. Gary Chen, ANZ regional head at Zyxel Networks said. “That’s why we have designed these solutions to prioritize simplicity, affordability, and functionality. All of them can be managed anytime, anywhere via our Nebula cloud platform.

For more information on SMB solutions, visit https://www.zyxel.com/global/en/solutions/organization-size/startup-small-business