Adidas miCoach Smart Run review: the almost-perfect training partner

When we first heard about the Adidas Smart Run, we were more than a little eager to try it out. If you’re both a techie and a runner, then the boatload of sensors (GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, heart-rate monitor, accelerometer) and feature list (Android, real-time coaching, custom workouts) should have you pretty excited, too. Why? Well, until now sports gadgets fell into three distinct categories. There were the wearable fitness trackers — the FuelBands, Jawbones and Fitbits of the world. Then, there were the watches that measure your heart rate and use GPS to track distance (think Garmin, Polar, et cetera). Lastly, there’s everything else that a runner might want to see them through the session: MP3 players, motivational apps (Zombies, Run!), foot-pod and so on. The prospect of having all this in one manageable device? What’s not to like?

The Adidas miCoach Smart Run — to use its full name — arrives at an interesting time, too. Firstly, it was announced on the coattails of two other high-profile Android-based watches (the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony SmartWatch 2). Secondly, it made it to market shortly before Nike’s new FuelBand SE sports tracker. The Smart Run may have an impressive spec sheet, and equally robust $399 price tag, but does it show the competition how a timepiece is done in 2013? Or is it just an exercise in box-ticking? We spent more than a few hours (and miles) with it to find out.%Gallery-slideshow121831%

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