AT T Wireless Home Phone goes prepaid, emulates landlines on demand

We can’t say that most attempts to replicate the landline experience with a wireless link have panned out — Verizon Hub, anyone? AT&T is wagering that it can overcome some of that hesitance with new prepaid tiers for Wireless Home Phone. Those who plug their wired phones into the $100 cellular hub can now pay only for those times they want pseudo-traditional service, whether it’s $20 per month for unlimited US-wide calls or $15 for 1,000 minutes of international long distance. It’s hard to make a case for the new Wireless Home Phone option when many of us already have cellphones, but we can see its uses: think snowbirds or apartment dwellers who want a cheap, traditional phone option that will follow them around for a few months at a time. If you haven’t (or can’t) cut the cord entirely, AT&T may have the next best thing.

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