Bing partners with Pinterest to add image collections to search results

It’s no secret that Bing has been waging an uphill battle to stay relevant, and now, Microsoft is hoping that its partnership with Pinterest will be enough to win you over. The Bing team’s latest effort combines its own search results with a new feature: image collections, a supplement that presents related Pinterest boards to the right of your main results. For example, an image search for “Pink cupcakes” will pull up a list of boards relevant to your interests. Clicking on one of them — we opted for “Pretty in pink cupcakes” — will take you to a new page that collects the user’s pinned images along with a direct link to the board on Pinterest. The new feature is designed to introduce a social element to Bing by uniting collections curated by living, breathing humans with the search engine’s algorithms. We don’t know if it’ll be enough to convince people to “Bing it” next time they’re on the hunt for images, but we do know that we’re now in desperate need of cupcakes.

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Via:The Next Web


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