Bing Pulse launching with help from Fox News, aims to make State of the Union speech more interactive

Just in time for next week’s State of the Union address, Bing announced it’s teamed up with Fox News to launch Bing Pulse, a one-stop hub where folks can easily interact and share their thoughts with one another while President Barack Obama’s speech is taking place. The Microsoft-owned search engine says that Pulse will allow participants to vote on reactions to the event every five seconds, with the impending results being shown on the Bing Politics site. What’s more, Bing believes “this will be the largest live online poll in history,” which will be enhanced by the outfit’s new Beat “social sentiment tracker” — a service that’s set to collect and analyze data from Twitter in order to figure out what are the trendiest political topics during the speech. Folks interested in joining the Bing Pulse conversation should hit that more coverage link to get acquainted — and, of course, don’t forget to bookmark it so you’re all set come February 12th.

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