Canovo Dual Screen notebookYou might remember the very innovative Canovo Dual-TouchScreen Tablet/Notebook that was reported on recently.
Innovative because the keyboard has been replaced by another touchscreen! There are some obvious great advantages to this (and some minor problems as well). Think of truly being able to customise your keyboard for every task and having double the screen size when needed!
Well, we have some more info on this concept machine.
I spoke with Valerio Cometti, managing director of V12 Design in Milano, Italy.
This is what he said:


(Note: V12 design is an Italian design firm, they have an associated studio in Sydney (, but the main studio is in Milan)

“V12 design has developed the concept and the design of the Canova Notebook nearly two years ago. The project captured the attention of a European computer manufacturer and together with its Taiwanese sister company, they started the development of the electronics. The complexity of the fully custom made electronic components has slowed down the development of the product as a whole. So unfortunately at the moment I cannot provide you with a working sample and not even with a more detailed spec sheet.
But let me give you this update on a different subject: in April this year, during the Design Week – Salone del Mobile, here in Milan, V12 Design will unveil the long awaited new TV set from Brionvega, the iconic electronic manufacturer form the ‘60s and ‘70s. Sales will start in September ’07, but it’s supposed to be the hottest piece of design of the year.
This is going to be the first product of a new range, and our activity will regard also Seleco, the mother company, for which we are currently working on a really innovative product, you might see at the next IFA in Berlin.”

There you have it: still very much a work in progress but when it does eventuate it will have huge potential!
Earlier suggestions that it might be available soon in Italy and Australia are a bit premature…
But we’ll follow the developments closely and hope to do a hands-on report when they can send us a working sample.
As far as V12 design goes: as they mentioned we can expect some great work from them in other consumer electronics as well. Stay tuned! — literally…