Drift's new Ghost S action camera is tough, feature-rich and ready to take on the competition (hands-on)

Drift Innovations has been makingaction cameras for some time now. Today sees its latest offering — the Ghost S — hit stores globally. What’s new this time? Well there’s the usual assortment of video improvements: 1080p at 60fps, new “scene” modes and better low-light recording. There’s also a dramatically improved battery, that now offers 3.5 hours of recording at standard 1080p/30fps. Impressive. But, perhaps more significant that that, Drift is stepping forward as a brand. It’s no secret this market is dominated by one major player, a situation only accentuated by the recent demise of its next best known competitor. But, while all this was going on, Drift has kept its head down and concentrated hard on continually revising its products. As the marketing parlance goes, the Drift Ghost S is its best camera yet, but also a metaphorical stone from David’s sling. Are we about to see the action camera market get the all important “other option” it desperately needs? We spent some time with the Ghost S — one of the most promising candidates yet — to find out.%Gallery-slideshow123322%

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