Google's newly detailed North Korea maps offer a peek into an isolated land

North Korea has yet to welcome the internet with open arms despite Eric Schmidt’s visit, but the internet is certainly welcoming North Korea: as of a sweeping update, Google Maps touts detailed cartography of the secluded state rather than the voids we’ve known before. The results still leave significant blank spots, although that’s forgivable when Google Map Maker is virtually the only option to improve accuracy. We doubt a suspicious government is about to let Street View cars run freely on Pyongyang’s streets when visitors can’t even get mobile internet access, after all. Google already plans to patch those holes in a timelier fashion by incorporating future Map Maker changes as soon as they’re proven accurate. While many of those covered by the update might never see it for themselves, Google’s work at least paints a more complete picture of the world for the rest of us.

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Via:The Next Web

Source:Google Lat Long Blog

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