iOS Do Not Disturb bug gives some users the gift of silence on New Year's Day

If you’re running iOS 6, your smartphone, media player or tablet may be taking a bit longer than usual to shake that post-party hangover. Users are reporting that the latest Apple OS’ Do Not Disturb feature remains engaged even after its scheduled period has ended, with the misstep linked to January 1st. As you can see in the screenshot above, the feature fails to flip off automatically, as confirmed by the crescent icon beside the current time — adjusting the date does seem to offer a temporary fix. When enabled, Do Not Disturb flips the device to silent mode, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the screen in order to catch phone calls, text messages and other notifications. The tool does not disable alarms set through the native Clock app, however. There doesn’t appear to be an official fix available, but if you’re experiencing this issue, you can cancel that last-minute Genius Bar appointment — Apple reps aren’t likely to have a solution just yet. And, if you’ve been trying to reach an iPhone owner without success, expect a call back only once they’ve had a chance to check their device.

[Thanks, Martyn]

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